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Here is a playlist of Ombuds suggested courses:

Here is a playlist of Admin Essentials:

The easiest way to log into to use our campus subscription is to use the Continue to lobin link available here.

WordPress Essential Training: Review

A wonderful introduction to making sites using content management systems [CMS]. Using as its platform the course describes and shows the process of making a web presence without downloading any software or costs. Although, the course shows how to create posts, the focus is on how to setup and create of a site right away.

Create and Share Playlists lets you organize courses into playlists, and then share your playlists with others.  This is a good way to group courses you want to watch by subject, or to  recommend courses you have watched to others. Quick Start

The interface is pretty easy to use, but if you have questions about how to get the most out of the Online Training Library, make your first course How to Use, taught by Garrick Chow. Once you're logged in, you can watch the whole thing, or just select the units that interest you.

Log In Directly at

As a UCSB employee, you can use the landing page to sign in to your training account.  But you can also sign in directly on the Web site.

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