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IT Forum July 2012

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Date and Time: 
July 30, 2012 - 9:00am - 11:00am
Loma Pelona Center

The goal of this forum is to inform, prepare, and engage campus IT professionals in the major administrative system initiatives which are going to be kicking off soon.  Pam Lombardo (Director - EH&S) will serve as the panel moderator.  Ron Cortez (Associate Vice Chancellor - Administrative Services) will provide a welcome and introduction. 


  1. Shifting to Hosted Solutions - Jim Woods (MSI) will discuss concepts, approaches, and what this approach means to our campus.
  2. Oracle Enterprise Systems - Doug Drury (Admin Services) will discuss the Oracle technologies that will be employed and the potential meaning to our campus.
  3. Data In the New Environment - Chris Sneathen (Office of Research) will discuss availability and uses of data from the new systems.
  4. Organizational Structure - Ben Price (Residential and Administrative Services) will discuss the organizational approach to ongoing support of these systems.