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Major Challenges to Communications Network Infrastructure at UCSB

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In early 2007, the Backbone Engineering Group (BEG) discussed a number of the issues that arise during the course of campus wiring projects. As many of us have experienced, the end results do not always match expectations, and can result in significant additional costs or modifications in the planned use of space. Because of the importance of the communications infrastructure for all our efforts, it seemed worthwhile for the BEG to attempt to find a way to take better advantage of the campus investments in new wiring efforts.

The BEG developed a draft document that describes the challenges associated with the ongoing deployment of the campus communications infrastructure and makes recommendations to address the most significant issues. That document can be found as an attachment. This was presented at the 4/23/07  ITPG meeting, with the following goals:

1) gather additional comment and direction from the members of the ITPG regarding the concepts and recommendations in the document.

2) request that this report be forwarded to the ITB for their consideration of the recommendations (after any adjustments stemming from #1).

3) assuming agreement on #2, soliciting the ITPG's advice as to whether other stakeholders (e.g., FM, Budget and Planning) should be involved in this process prior to forwarding the document to the ITB or as part of the process of implementing the recommendations.

The document was forwarded to the ITB, and it was discussed at the 5/11/07 ITB meeting with the recommendation"that Martie Levy, Jack Wolever, and Marc Fisher be consulted on this topic."

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