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Backbone Engineering Group

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The BEG is comprised of technical staff. It was originally formed by the CNC to design and plan the implementation of the campus data networks. Once the OIT was formed, these responsibilities shifted from the committee to the operational unit. In March 2001 the BEG became an advisory group to the OIT, and it continues to be a forum where campus networking plans, strategies, and implementations can be discussed in the context of the goals and efforts of the various campus constituencies. It also enables broad-based technical discussions tapping the expertise of folks outside the OIT.

BEG Meeting Scheduled

The BEG is scheduled to meet on July 8, 2011 from 10:00am to noon in Broida 3302.

Kevin Schmidt from OIT will discuss fiber plant infrastructure renewal planning (assumptions, topology, general financial model) and UNet (utility networking in wiring closets).

Bruce Miller from Communication Services will bring the group up to date on the changes coming for the campus PBX and any VoIP issues of concern.

Voice Technologies at UCSB - Overview Presentation (for BEG)

Presentation on Voice (Telephone) Technologies at UCSB to the 2/24/11 BEG Meeting.  Presented by Bruce Miller - Communications Services

Included below are also reference documents.

BEG Meeting to begin discussion requested by iTOE regarding VoIP on campus

Date and Time: 
February 24, 2011 - 9:00am - 11:00am
Broida 3302 (Physics Conference Room)

Bruce Miller from Communication Services will make a short presentation about VoIP possibilities from the Comm. Svcs. standpoint, and we will begin to discuss what is needed in infrastructure, etc. to make something like this possible.

Campus accepted version of the UCSB Communications Infrastructure Standards

This is a PDF of the document (with final formatting and text changes) as approved by the ITPG and ITB membership based on the March 15, 2010 edition with revisions.  This document was accepted by the ITPG and the ITP for use on the campus.

BEG meeting to review PlanNet Division 27 specifications

Date and Time: 
September 9, 2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
Broida 3302 (Physics Conference Room)

Campus Infrastructure Standards Move Forward

With the minor changes suggested by the ITB members, the CIS document that went through the BEG and ITPG was approved by the ITB.  OIT and Communications Services are now funding additional documents to be used by campus, that reflect the CIS.  The first is a Summary Document that will provide important information to campus Project Managers as they work on renovations and new construction.  PlanNet (the outside consultants) are working with the revised CIS to produce this document.  It is expected to be available from the for review by June 14th. 

BEG meeting to review PlanNet summary of the CIS

Date and Time: 
June 16, 2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Broida 3302

Meeting of BEG members and related campus community

BEG Approves Draft of UCSB Communications Infrastructure Standards

THE Backbone Engineering Group (BEG) subcommittee of the ITPG has produced a final draft of the UCSB Communications Infrastructure Standards (CIS).  This is the culmination of two years of work for the group.  The CIS hopes to standardize communication wiring and infrastructure in new buildings, remodels and retrofits across campus.

Major Challenges to Communications Network Infrastructure at UCSB

In early 2007, the Backbone Engineering Group (BEG) discussed a number of the issues that arise during the course of campus wiring projects. As many of us have experienced, the end results do not always match expectations, and can result in significant additional costs or modifications in the planned use of space. Because of the importance of the communications infrastructure for all our efforts, it seemed worthwhile for the BEG to attempt to find a way to take better advantage of the campus investments in new wiring efforts.

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