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Campus Calendaring Work Group Meeting - 10/12/2011

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Date and Time: 
October 12, 2011 - 9:00am - 10:00am

 Campus Calendaring Work Group Meeting 10/12/2011

1. Update from Randall on demonstration from Google re. cross-calendaring with Office 365. 

2. Governance Committee - Matt was to prepare and share a paragraph, we can review and discuss.

3. Service Costs - Randall and Jamie prepared, and shared, a starting point for this discussion.

4. DRAFT Report - Any comments about ANYTHING currently missing from or included in the report?  Let's discuss.  We may also want to talk about the possibility (or not) of providing a final report prior to the October 20 ITPG meeting.

5. Other items?


Campus Calendaring Work Group
October 12, 2011

Andy Satomi
Bill Koseluk (representing Alan Moses)
Bruce Miller
Chris Sneathen
Doug Drury
Jamie Sonsini
Jason Simpson
Kip Bates
Matthew Dunham
Nathan Walter
Randall Ehren
Thomas Howard

Not Present
Alan Moses
Bill Doering
Daniel Lloyd
Jim Woods
Polly Bustillos
Richard Kip
Ted Cabeen

Google Cross-Calendaring with Office 365.
Randall reported that Google had yet to provide a demonstration of their cross-calendaring feature.  We decided that the language in our report represented our knowledge at this time and that it would be sufficient.

Governance Committee
Matt had shared draft language before the meeting, so we discussed his proposal and generally agreed with the design he proposed.  The Governance Committee would include one representative from each “Control Point” on campus and would guide the campus support service’s efforts.  Matt had included language that involved “voting” in the Governance Committee, but that was removed after discussion.  We agreed that we’d leave the workings of the Governance Committee to those serving.

Service Costs
Randall and Jamie had shared draft information regarding service costs which included staffing, equipment expenses and licenses.  After some discussion we decided to add in some amount of expense to be associated with additional assistance from Microsoft during our first year of service.  Jamie offered to modify the spreadsheet and share with everyone before including this information in the report.

Jamie also mentioned that we should include the cost of migration from the Oracle Calendar service in our calculations.  He suggested a “placeholder” value of $40,000 based on information from UC Irvine and their plans.

DRAFT Report
We discussed clarifying the meaning of “Tier 1” support coming from the support organization.  The Work Group felt that we should be clear that all Tier 1 (end-user) support needed to come from within the department and not from the central support service.  Jamie offered to modify the report language to reflect this thinking.

We also discussed making it explicit that the support organization would be responsible for the escalation of problems to Microsoft.  Again, Jamie volunteered to modify the report language to reflect this concern.

We discussed the possibility of finalizing our report and sharing with the ITPG before the next ITPG meeting (October 20).  Everyone agreed that it was a achievable goal.  Jamie promised to share a new draft, reflecting all of the new suggestions, by later that day (or the next morning at worse) and asked folks to “please” respond quickly with issues, corrections, additions and such.

Other items
Jamie ended the meeting by sharing a story, reported on CNN, about a Gazelle knocking a bicyclist off of their bike from “out of the blue.”  Jamie shared this story in the hope that it would inspire folks to share information with their departments and so as to avoid Jamie being “knocked off his bike” as he carried our report forward.