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Campus Calendaring Work Group Meeting 6/1/2011

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Date and Time: 
June 1, 2011 - 9:00am - 11:00am

Campus Calendaring Work Group Meeting - 6/1/2011

This meeting initiates a set of weekly meetings each 2 hours long. 

Each Product Evaluation Group will present their response to our Product Criteria. 


Campus Calendaring Work Group
June 1, 2011

Alan Moses
Andy Satomi
Chris Sneathen
Doug Drury
Jamie Sonsini
Jason Simpson
Lopaka Delp
Matthew Dunham
Nathan Walter
Polly Bustillos
Randall Ehren
Ted Cabeen
Thomas Howard
Jim Woods (Chair, ITPG)

Not Present
Bill Doering
Bruce Miller
Daniel Lloyd
Kip Bates
Richard Kip

Each Product Evaluation Group gave a brief status report (ready/non-ready).  We decided to begin our set of presentations with the Google Apps group.

We also discussed the need to focus our efforts, at this point, on understanding each product and not let our conversations turn into evaluations (yet).

Google Apps
The Google Apps Product Evaluation Group presented their findings/responses to our product criteria set.  They did an excellent job of educating/informing all of us about the Google Apps product.

There were several questions raised about various topics (support for email addresses which include sub domains, actual pricing for Postini options, migration options for Oracle Calendar, etc.).  The Google Apps group will investigate these areas and report back to the entire work group.

Next Steps – Next Meeting June 8
The “Google Apps” group will present responses/answers to several questions raised during this meeting.
The “Office 365” Product Evaluation Group will present their finds/responses at our next meeting.

Following the meeting we were informed that the UC Office of the President had completed and signed the re-negotiated contract with Google for Google Apps.  Additional information and details should be forthcoming.