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Campus Calendaring Work Group Meeting - 6/8/2011

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Date and Time: 
June 8, 2011 - 9:00am - 11:00am

Campus Calendaring Work Group Meeting 6/8/2011

1. Google Apps product evaluation group will provide responses/answers to the various questions raised during their presentation on June 1.

2. The Office 365 product evaluation group will present their results/findings to the entire work group. If possible, they will distribute their report prior to the meeting so as to allow folks to read ahead of time and be prepared to discuss at the meeting.

3. Other items


Campus Calendaring Work Group
June 8, 2011

Alan Moses
Andy Satomi
Bill Doering
Bruce Miller
Daniel Lloyd
Doug Drury
Jamie Sonsini
Jason Simpson
Lopaka Delp
Matthew Dunham
Nathan Walter
Polly Bustillos
Randall Ehren
Ted Cabeen
Thomas Howard
Jim Woods (Chair, ITPG)

Not Present
Chris Sneathen
Kip Bates
Richard Kip

Google Apps
Randall reviewed the 10 questions/issues raised at our last meeting regarding the Google Apps evaluation and provided responses/answers for those items.  He will include this new information in the Google Apps report/evaluation document.

There were a few other comments/questions and Randall will pursue those and report back at the next meeting.

Microsoft Office 365
The Microsoft Office 365 evaluation group began their presentation.  We were able to review perhaps, ½ of the document.  There was, of course, lots of discussion and many questions.  Several issues/questions were raised and various folks on the Office 365 evaluation group will pursue then report back to the entire group.

Next Meeting June 15
The “Google Apps” group will once again present responses/answers to the questions raised during this meeting.
The “Office 365” Product Evaluation Group will continue to present their finds/responses.

Next Steps
Since we seem to be traveling in alphabetical order, the Microsoft Locally Hosted Exchange evaluation group will present following the Microsoft Office 365 group.  We suspect they might begin at our June 22 meeting.

Following the Microsoft Locally Hosted Exchange presentations, we’ll move to the Zimbra Group presentation.

After all 4 presentations are complete we will begin a general review/discussion of all products.

Jamie asked about subsequent meetings and it was suggested that we schedule 3 additional weekly meetings, each 2 hours long.  Jamie will schedule these meetings.

Jamie reminded folks that he’ll miss the next two meetings.  He’ll be on vacation (and out of town).  Randall has, once again, volunteered to chair the next two meetings.

At the end of this meeting Doug Drury remarked, and we all agreed, that the quality of the material being presented has been exceptional.  The evaluation groups have demonstrated an amazing amount of in depth understand of their products.  A big THANK YOU to all who’ve worked so hard.

And lastly, and sadly, Lopaka shared with us that he will be leaving UCSB later this month.  We thanked him for all of his hard (and excellent) work on the Office 365 evaluation group and as part of the general work group and wished him well on his new position off campus.