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Campus Calendaring Work Group Meeting 9/14/2011

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Date and Time: 
September 14, 2011 - 9:00am - 10:00am

Campus Calendaring Work Group Meeting

September 14, 2011

1. Our Decision - Any further discussion?
This is an opportunity for anyone who was not at our last meeting or who has had additional thoughts about our decision to comment. 

2. Calendar Interoperability - Google and O365
It is essential that we fully understand what will be available for cross-calendaring between our two solutions. Perhaps those responsible for the product evaluations could advise/explain.

3. Items "To be Determined"
Now that we have a decision, there are several items/issues to be resolved, discussed, determined.  Jamie suggested the following set (additions, deletions, etc. most welcome):

Selection Criteria
To be used by organization in deciding which solution best fits their needs

Support Structure(s)
Implementation/Operation Structure
End user and Tier 2 Support

Cross calendaring support
Understand and explain

Multi-Calendar options
Google/O365 user wants O365/Google calendar

Governance Committee

Campus Implementation Group

Service Costs

Migration from CorporateTime (to either solution)

Customer “models”
What would each product look like for different customers (i.e. those using Outlook, Thunderbird, Web clients, etc.)


Calendar-Only Integration
For those not (yet) migrated, using their own email service

4. Additional Items? 


Campus Calendaring Work Group

September 14, 2011


Alan Moses

Bill Doering

Bruce Miller

Chris Sneathen

Jamie Sonsini

Jason Simpson

Jim Woods

Matthew Dunham

Nathan Walter

Randall Ehren

Ted Cabeen

Not Present

Andy Satomi

Daniel Lloyd

Doug Drury

Kip Bates

Polly Bustillos

Richard Kip

Thomas Howard

Our Decision - Any further discussion?

Several members reports on reaction to our initial “decision”.  This prompted further discussion which ranged across many areas and topics.  Following this discussion we arrived at the following:

We are currently *contemplating* a recommendation which would include the following: 

Recommend MS Office 365 at a level which would include some set of collaboration features for campus-wide adoption.  The set of collaboration features (which Office "plan") is to be determined.

That Office 365 would be recognized as the campus "standard" for calendaring.

A centralized support structure be put in place to provide tier 2 support for this product at the appropriate level.

An analysis of campus-wide expenditures on Microsoft licensing be conducted to determine if one of the Office 365 plans might provide the campus with a less expensive alternative and with greater campus benefit.

We acknowledge that some on campus will not wish to use (or will decide they will not be well served by) Office 365 but would rather employ Google Apps for Education.  For these organizations we recommend a central support structure be put in place to consolidate and organize the tier 2 support necessary and that specific support be provided to facilitate cross-calendaring with the campus Office 365 environment.

Preliminary draft of report document

Jamie had shared an initial draft of some sections of our final report.  He explained that he had only attempted to include those areas already discussed and decided and had not created any new content.  In general the response was that the document, so far, seemed fine.