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iTOE member list

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This is also information related to our outreach/CSF note since we mention talk to people on the commitee, and the list at is somewhat out of date.  I don't know everybody's official affiliation, so add them in if you know them!


iTOE members (as of Feb 2011)

Chairs: Tom Putnam (OIST) Douglas Drury (Admin Services) ----------- Allen, Arlene (OIST) Bojilov, Lubomir (Student Affairs) Willie Brown (Housing) Anna Everett (Film and Media Studies) Chuck Haines (Budget and Planning) Karl Heins (OIST) Jody Kaufman (EVC) Allen Matlick (GUS) Elise Meyer (OIST) Alan Moses (LSIT) Ben Price (Housing) Eric Sonquist (IA) Paul Weakliem (CNSI) Mary Wenzel (OIST) Pierre Wiltzius (MLPS) Jim Woods (MSI)