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Web Standards Group: Meeting April 4th 2017

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Date and Time: 
April 4, 2017 - 10:30am - 12:00pm
Kerr Hall 2110 or

Welcome new members

Review meeting minutes for March 2017

UCSB Credit Card Processing and PCI Compliance Training, March 20, 2017: Recording

WTX update

Web/Accessibility Policy/Action Work Group status update

GitHub issues

Site of the month: TBD

Resource of the month: Edit PDF content in Word class of the month: CSS Shorts

Open discussion (time permitting)


Meeting Minutes:

Previous meeting minutes approved by David Gurba.

UCSB Credit Card Processing and PCI Compliance Training, March 20, 2017: Recording

  • Total: 79 enrolled
    • 59 out of 79 checked in with Denise Saludares
    • 11 WSG members enrolled (out of 79 total people enrolled)
    • 7 (out of 11 WSG members enrolled) checked in with Denise
  • Denise was still setting up food when attendees started arriving, so she may have missed checking in some attendees.
  • JudyAnn Dutcher volunteered to check in attendees at future training workshops.

WTX update

Web/Accessibility Policy/Action Work Group status update

  • Denise received a list from Kevin Schmidt and Todd Atkins containing HTTP host entries from web browsing traffic. (Recall that this would be the most comprehensive list of UCSB subdomains short of a specialized spider.)
  • Note that we may want to eliminate those with a low number of hits to avoid spending time on development sites and those sites that don’t provide content for the general public.
  • The list contains:
    • 1628 total sites
    • 1134 sites with more than 10 hits
    • 859 sites with more than 100 hits
  • Denise contacted Todd after the meeting and found that the time period was from the first 7 days of March 2017.
  • Per the request of the meeting attendees, the list is available to view.

GitHub issues

  • Broken links on Footer page related to policy terms of use
    • The source documents for “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Notification” no longer exist, so the links for “source document” under the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Notification” sections were broken.
    • It was discussed that linking the text, “source document,” to the actual “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Notification” pages, respectively, would be redundant since links to these pages already appear in each section’s first bullet.
    • Thus, it was recommended to edit the “two bullet” text within each section to remove the redundancy.

Site of the month: None

Resources of the month

  • Edit PDF content in Word - Suggested by James Colón.
    • In Word 2013 and 2016, you can now convert PDFs into editable Word documents.
  • JudyAnn mentioned that she uses Adobe Acrobat Professional to convert PDFs into Word format.
  • Ryan Vizena mentioned that he uses for free online file conversion.
  • Ryan also mentioned that he uses to find out the technologies a website utilizes. class of the month: CSS Shorts

  • Weekly series updated each Tuesday with short CSS how-to videos

Open discussion

  • David brought up how Drupal and WordPress version checker tools are available on GitHub.
    • This can be used by people to scan sites to find those that are not up-to-date, and attack/target these sites.
  • David also mentioned the importance of updating all Drupal files instead of just the change files.
    • This is because the Drupal version that is detected by a version checker tool is not reflected in just the change files.
    • Even if your Drupal site is up-to-date (by updating just the change files), a version checker may report that your site is not up-to-date, and may make your site a target for an attacker.