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Web Standards Group: Meeting August 1st 2017

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Date and Time: 
August 1, 2017 - 10:30am - 12:00pm
Kerr Hall 2110 or

Welcome new members

Review meeting minutes for June 2017

Web Technology Exchange (WTX) update

WSG videos on GauchoCast

WSG Mailing List to be moved to UCSB Connect/Google

UCSB Graphic Identity Guidelines - Alex Parraga

Site of the month

Resource of the month class of the month
Learning Chrome Web Developer Tools

Open discussion


Meeting Minutes

WSG Meeting Minutes 8/1/2017


No new members


Previous minutes approved by Gary


No WTX meeting


Gauchocast videos: Must caption all videos or put them behind login. We put them behind login for now, will remove old videos, and caption the rest. Survey went out asking for opinions in June. Institutional Development uses which costs $1 per minute.


Mailing list: Moving off of old list service and onto UCSB Connect system. Changeover will happen in August.


Alex Parraga talked about Graphic Identity. Started branding cleanup two years ago. We are 6 to 9 months away from next branding phase. Going in front of Chancellor Yang soon for formal approval. Web framework coming to help departments get going. Will cover all media, print, web, etc. New, will be Drupal on Pantheon. It will have much more information about UCSB and not just a landing/launch page. There is going to be a very robust and comprehensive style guide that many can use. Many page templates will be provided. Reach out to Alex’s team for one-on-one help with an upcoming site redesign.


No site of the month


Web Security page on Web guide - New course. Many use the tools to help development.


Open Discussion:


Data Virtualization Question: Infogram, static sites, D3, Infographics.


Accessibility scanning tool? E Mayes heard nothing about it, he will inquire again. Commercial tools are nice since you can do an entire site.