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Web Standards Group: Meeting June 7th, 2016

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Date and Time: 
June 7, 2016 - 10:30am - 12:00pm
2110 Kerr Hall

Zoom online meeting: 
1.    Welcome new members (JC)
2.    Review meeting minutes for May, 2016
3.    WTX Update (AM)
4.    GitHub Issues:
1. (Logan)
5.    Review of meeting with Policy Coordinator and Deputy ADA Compliance Officer
6.    Web guide redesign launched
7.    Friends of WSG: UCCSC Preview on June 27th, volunteers needed.
8.    Accessibility updates?
9.    Site of the month: TBD
10. class of the month: TBD
11. Discussion Items

Open discussion / time permitting


Meeting Minutes:

WTX summary by Aaron, highlight: 

GitHub issues - additional resources links to page that is dead. link to wiki, need to review replacement, etc. google drive, sharepoint online, etc. 

policy coordinator- Jennifer Loftus, replaced Tessa, GitHub issue created to update webguide.. 

Web Guide - New design! 

Presentations at UCCSC discussed

Site of the Month: - Story driven, beyond give now button. 9 month project. Hind google font, look and feel of ucsb. lots of user testing, etc. can link directly to a specific page. working on communication, user guide for updates, custom built cms.

discussion items:

public affairs - will be updated soon with new content and layout, larger visual identity, will bring to various groups on campus. 9 months away.

interactive map - geography department is updating map. Who owns what? FM or Geog? Some need paper vs online for embedding in flyers, etc.