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Web Standards Group: Meeting Mar 7th 2017

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Date and Time: 
March 7, 2017 - 10:30am - 12:00pm
2110 Kerr Hall or

Welcome new members

Review meeting minutes for Feb. 2017

UCSB Credit Card Processing and PCI Compliance Training, March 20, 2017

Web/Accessibility Policy/Action Work Group status update

WTX update

GitHub issues:

Discussion of "Terms and Conditions May Apply":

"Privacy Paradox Five Day Challenge":

Sites of the month:

Resource of the month: class of the month:

Open discussion (time permitting)


Meeting Minutes:

Previous meeting minutes approved by David Gurba.

UCSB Credit Card Processing and PCI Compliance Training, March 20, 2017

  • 10:00-11:30am: presentation, 11:30am-noon: questions
  • McCune Conference Room, 6020 HSSB
  • Presenter: Matt Coy, Business & Financial Services
  • 51 enrolled so far (room occupancy: 100)
  • Currently working on obtaining refreshments

Web/Accessibility Policy/Action Work Group status update

  • Brian Wolf suggested a requirement for all campus websites to place an “Accessibility” link in the site’s footer.  This Accessibility link can point to one central Accessibility page, similar to the campus Terms of Use and Privacy pages.
  • Denise Saludares contacted Kevin Schmidt to obtain a list of UCSB subdomains and related contacts.  Kevin said that Todd Atkins will get a list of HTTP host entries from web browsing traffic, since that would be the most comprehensive list short of a specialized spider.

WTX update from Aaron Martin

  • Drupal module security updates
  • Presidency site
  • Cybersecurity required online training course
  • Aaron re-elected as WTX co-chair
  • Eric Rushing described his experience at Developer Week in San Francisco
  • Gary Scott will do a presentation on Swagger in a couple of months Learning update from Aaron

  • Availability of playlists including manager-set playlists

GitHub issues:

  • Valid and complete dev instructions needed (Gary Scott received help from Paul Bartsch)
  • Broken links on Footer page related Terms of Use and Privacy Notification source documents
  • Remove Web Accessibility Guide PDF (Logan Franken stated it is ready to be removed)
  • Question: delete web accessibility repo or place in read only archive mode?

Discussion of "Terms and Conditions May Apply":

  • Two showings at UCSB on Feb. 21st
  • Documentary about how companies and the government collect and use information provided by people when people agree to a website or app’s terms of use and privacy policies
  • Departments can request a showing and presentation from Jennifer Lofthus

"Privacy Paradox Five Day Challenge":

  • Five-day challenge that includes short podcasts, newsletters, and challenges “to take back control of over your personal information and digital identity”

Site of the month:

  • Electronic Timekeeping site replaces SharePoint site.
  • Information for employees, supervisors, payroll managers, and timekeepers on how to use Kronos system.
  • Site is hosted by Pantheon through ETS.
  • Uses:
    • Panopoly distribution of Drupal 7
    • “Bootstrap 3 for Drupal” base theme
    • “Yeti” Bootswatch theme
    • Primary colors of UCSB color palette (
    • Bootstrap components (
      • Responsive embed (for iframes)
    • Bootstrap CSS (
      • Responsive utilities classes (hidden-xs; hidden-sm hidden-md hidden-lg)
        • Devices
          • Extra small: Phones (<768px)
          • Small: Tablets (≥768px)
          • Medium: Desktops (≥992px)
          • Large: Desktops (≥1200px)
      • Responsive images (img-responsive)

Second site of the month:

  • Used to use AdaptiveTheme for Drupal 7.
  • Now using the Physics theme (bootstrap based material design theme), which includes Sass mix-in to pick base color scheme palette

Resource of the month:

  • Visual Bootstrap 3 Grid Builder
  • Mobile-first
  • Breakpoints for phone, tablet, desktop, and large desktop
  • Shoelace includes ability to save layouts class of the month:

  • Introduces the concepts of project management as they relate to creative projects