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Web Standards Group: Meeting May 2nd 2017

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Date and Time: 
May 2, 2017 - 10:30am - 12:00pm
Kerr Hall 2110 or

Welcome new members

Review meeting minutes for April 2017

WTX update

Web/Accessibility Policy/Action Work Group status update, if any

GitHub issues

Site of the month: Open to suggestions

Resource of the month: Data URI/URL for images class of the month: Learning PHP

Open discussion (time permitting)


Meeting Minutes:

Welcomed new member: Robert LeBlanc, Webmaster, College of Engineering

Reviewed and approved meeting minutes for April 2017.

Web/Accessibility Policy/Action Work Group status update, if any

  • No update.  Denise will contact Jennifer Lofthus for status.

WTX update

GitHub issues

  • Text under About > Purpose appears “mushed together”
    • Supposed to be a numbered list in markdown, but does not work
    • Changed to unordered list

Site of the month: None

Resource of the month class of the month: Learning PHP

  • Basic knowledge of PHP is important when supporting Drupal, especially in theme and module development

Open discussion

  • Brian mentioned how he is working on 3 distributions of Drupal 8 for his clients: advanced, intermediate, and basic versions.
  • Matt Perko brought up the campus-wide calendar.
    • UCSB’s Public Affairs & Communications Department is looking at Localist as a cloud calendar for events posted on
    • A case study can be viewed on the Hope College Calendar site.
    • Localist has social media integration and currently uses Eventbrite for ticketing.
    • UCSB will be able to develop their own look and feel for widgets.