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Web Standards Group: Meeting Nov 1st 2016

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Date and Time: 
November 1, 2016 - 10:30am - 12:00pm
2110 Kerr Hall /

Welcome new members (JC)

Review meeting minutes for Oct, 2016​ 

WSG Co-chair elections coming up. Nominate someone, including yourself.

WTX Update (AM)

Web Policy: 
Jennifer Lofthus​ Policy Coordinator to propose web policy changes, revisions to 2006 Guidelines.

Pantheon update

Presentation update

GitHub Issues:

Site of the month: TBD

Resource of the month: class of the month: TBD

Open discussion / time permitting


No new members


WTX update by AM


Policy update coming up from Jennifer Loftus. Any interested party can contact WSG co-chairs


Patheon: We will not be entering into enterprise agreement. site and others moving to Pantheon. Other sites might move over, over time. When we have critial mass we can convert to enterprise agreement.



2017 for PCI/Credit card processing by Matt Coy

Sam Horowitz, interested in presentation on cyber security.


GitHub needs work on “setup” guide to build site so others can test.


Site of the month:


UC Berkeley - DoJ letter about non-accessible video content.