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AWS Meeting 3.6.2014

General notes from the meeting 3/6/15

Communication Fundamentals

This is a very good course. It touches on giving presentations and some management techniques. There is a section on listening that I found very helpfull.

WSG Training Activity Survey

Introduction to Responsive Design, November 8, 2013

Git Essential Training

A comprehensive, hands-on exploration of the essential aspects of the distributed version control system, Git. I have been cautiously using Git for a couple years now, nervously punching in commands and tensing with each merge; after taking this training, I now feel that I have a strong, foundational understanding of the version control system. I push, pull, and branch with confidence.


This page lists content that has been flagged as a Presentation, including workshops, Brown Bags, podcasts, and the like. Click a presentation title to view details.

HTML Essential Training 2012

A comprehensive overview of the HTML featureset, from the basics of setting up a HTML document to the creation of forms with newer HTML5 inputs. The speaker maintains an even, measured pace throughout the entire series and speaks with a calm, steady voice that should make the material amenable to both those completely new to HTML as well as those looking for a review of HTML's various capabilities.

Supercomputing at UCSB

UCSB offers access to numerous High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources to its academic community. While the Center for Scientific Computing (CSC,, which is part of the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), provides a broad range of on-campus resources, such as sponsoring classes, tutorials, and individual training in general Unix/Linux, compiling, and optimization of code, the Office of Information Technology's Supercomputing Division helps UCSB faculty, researchers, and students access and use the HPC resources available from national supercomputing facilities.

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

Adobe will be releasing Acrobat XI on October 15.

Orders for Acrobat Pro X place between now and October 12 will be eligible for a free upgrade to the new version, when it is released.

UCCSC 2012 - UC Berkeley - August 5-7

UCCSC 2012: Campus Collaboration will be held August 5-7 at the Clark Kerr Conference Center at UC Berkeley. We look forward to seeing you there as we explore our theme – UC computing services and campus collaboration.

UC IT Conferences

This page lists the UC system-wide IT conferences.

  1. UC Computing Services Conference - this conference is held once a year and rotates around the system.
  2. UC Davis IT Security Symposium - this conference is held every other year.  The next conference should be in 2013.

UC Davis IT Security Symposium

The next conference should be in June 2013.  Here is information about the most recent conference:

Wiki hosting experiences/suggestions from CSF

I posed the following question to CSF:

Ubuntu for *NIX users

The biggest difference is the wonderful package management system, APT. APT is the reason that I use Ubuntu. It's amazing. (Well, APT + fresh software is the reason that I use Ubuntu over Debian).


I use Git obsessively. And I love GitHub. I love GitHub so much that I wanted something similar for the school of education. I built an instance of Redmine with Gitosis to essentially give us an inhouse GitHub. The best part? I thoroughly documented it!

Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions. This has been a great asset for us.

Bets of luck,


Report and Recommendation Presentation for IT Planning Group (Oct 20, 2011)

The Campus Calendaring Work Group presented their report and recommendations to the IT Planning Group at their October 20, 2011 meeting.  The PowerPoint slides are attached.

EndNote X5 for Windows

Thomson has released the new version of Endnote for Windows. Version X5 is now available in the COSL/Software Depot online order system.

The media for this new version has not been received yet, but will be available soon. 
The Macintosh version has not been released yet, but is expected to be released by the end of the year. An announcement will be posted here when the Macintosh version is available.

UCCSC 2011 Website is live!

Greetings UCCSC community,

The website for UCCSC 2011 is operational, and you can visit us at

You currently will be able to set up a log-in for the website, which will allow you to submit a proposal for the conference.

Once registration is finalized, I will be sending out an announcement to this list.  You can then visit the site with your log-in credentials, and register to attend.

2011 Sautter Award Program Open for Applications

Applications for the 2011 Sautter Award Program, sponsored by the UC Information Technology Leadership Council, are now being accepted. The application deadline is May 20, 2011. Submission guidelines, including the award criteria, are available in the 2011 Sautter Award Program Announcement.

IT Operational Effectiveness Collaboration Suite Report

Attached is the IT OE report as presented to the campus on 4/15 and 4/16

Safari Tech Books Online

Thanks to the Library's enterprise subscription to Safari Books Online, members of the domain can access the contents of over 1400 titles from the O'Reilly series and other tech publishers for free.

From campus computers, you can access the material directly at

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