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Drupal Meetup: Early January

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Date and Time: 
January 7, 2011 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm
The meetup will be held in the Davidson Library MIL Conference Room.

Talk about Drupal [for Developers, Designers, and Site-Builders].


To reach the MIL Conference Room, come in through the back door of the Library, take your second right into the Government section, then your first left to the Map & Imagery Lab.

  • Overview of Drupal 7
  • Building a Module Pt. 2: Customize your site with administrative settings.
  • The Usual Q&A

The Agenda items posted here are more like guidelines. The agenda can be discussed ahead of time and may evolve more at the meetup based on the interest of attendees.


Drupal 7 is out. Are you going to a D7 Release Party?

Suggestions, Requests, & RSVPs

If you have questions for which you would like a thorough answer, please email the mailing list ahead of time or comment on the agenda discussion thread. To ask a question of your local Drupal-using community at any time, post to Drupal.CSF or to the Santa Barbara Drupal Group.

P.S. This is not January's meetup! December was postponed for the holidays. Come back again on Friday, January 28th to talk more!