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UCSB Drupal Meetup: August 25

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Date and Time: 
August 25, 2010 - 2:00pm
MIL Conference Room, Davidson Library

Once a month a group of Drupal developers, designers, and site-builders get together informally to learn more about Drupal and discuss how to facilitate Drupal-oriented training and collaboration on campus.

  1. Support Chat: If anyone has a problem to put to the group, we will try to solve it. 10-20 minutes per problem, please.
  2. Theming Talk: Views Slideshow + Nodequeue Case Study
  3. Developer's Hands-On*: Intro to Module Development
  4. Lightning Talks/Module Crush: Spur of the moment 5 minute talks on something cool and Drupal-related. When in doubt, pick a module you use and explain why it's useful.
    • Context UI's Inline Context Editor - Adam

* A "hands-on" is an experiment we are trying out. If you want to come and watch, there's something to see. If you can come with a laptop and a working Drupal instance we will try to walk through creating a basic module.