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Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group

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The UCSB Enterprise Information System Planning group is appointed by the Executive Vice Chancellor, with campus-wide membership to foster appropriate feedback and oversight of information systems projects that support the mission of the institution. The EISPG will assess the issues surrounding the needs for UCSB to implement and maintain a productive and secure information systems environment, while coordinating the planning efforts to ensure smooth transitions from existing to new systems.

The EISPG fulfills a role within the UCSB IT Governance structure of reviewing and reporting to the UCSB CIO on information systems project plans and by making recommendations to the IT Board on Information Systems project proposals.

The Chair of the EISPG attends IT Board meetings to make regular reports on EISPG activities.  To facilitate coordination and information sharing with the other UCSB planning groups, the CIO and the Chair of the ITPG are ex officio members of the EISPG.

IT Operational Effectiveness Collaboration Suite Report

Attached is the report that was presented to the OE Steering Committee and the Campus Budget Committee

IT Operational Effectiveness Collaboration Suite Report

Attached is the IT OE report as presented to the campus on 4/15 and 4/16

November 2005 EISPG Report to Gene Lucas/IT Board

This document was created by the EISPG in 2005.  It is included as a reference for the EISPG members.


To come.

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