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ITC Meeting Agenda - 2015-03-13

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Date and Time: March 13, 2015 1:00 - 3:00pm
Location:  Phelps 2536


  1. Review and approve the 2/13/2015 meeting notes.
  2. Connect Report revisions
  3. Populating the ITC Advisory Groups.

Issues for consideration from previous ITC discussion:

  1. Fall ITC meeting suggested that the ITC solicit nominations for Advisory Group (AG) members from Deans and Vice Chancellors.  (Is this still the desired approach?)
  2. What are the criteria for AG membership?
  3. Should ITC be able to recommend AG members? (This question is still open.)
  4. Should term limits for AG members be consistent with that of ITC members (3 years with option of renewal)?
  5. Does/How does the AG composition reflect other existing IT-related groups (working groups, task forces, interest groups around campus)?
  6. How will ITC and the AGs interact? (Including role of ITC facilitators)
  7. Are there limitations in the number of members?  If so, how determined?
  8. Are there existing projects, opportunities, and/or initiatives that should be integrated into the work of the new AGs?

Assumptions (offered for discussion):

  1. What is ITC’s underlying assumptions with respect to AGs?
  2. Will there be overlap in membership?
  3. Other Assumptions