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ITC Meeting Notes 2013-07-12

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Date and Time: July 12, 2013 - 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Location: Chancellor's conference room, Cheadle 5123

Meeting Notes:

Attendees: Doug Drury, Karen Hansen, Dick Kemmerer, Elise Meyer, Lisa Sedgwick, Martin Shumaker, Eric Sonquist, and Denise Stephens.

1. The June 14, 2013 meeting notes were approved and will be made public.

2. Discuss the ITC Project Request and Evaluation form and ITC Project Supplemental Information form.

We approved the forms with the following changes:

- Add the form title, project# and project title to the header.

- We should separate out startup (one-time) and ongoing costs (operation and maintenance) in the relevant questions.

(NB: Here are the final forms: ITC-project-request-and-evaluation-form-v4 and ITC-project-supplement-information-form-v4.)

We should create an instruction page that also requests a lifecycle budget and a project plan (if available).  We should also develop a template for the forms to provide guidance on how we expect them to be completed.  Should we also get a strategic plan for the unit?

The draft project log at was discussed.  We need a way to sort projects by year, so either we need to modify the project number to be Itc-nnnn-yyyy or we need to add a year column in spreadsheet.

3. Review and discuss draft project intake process and timeline.

We did a group edit session and the resulting document is the ITC-project-intake-process-v2.doc .

4. We discussed how we should evaluate the proposals.

  • What decision rubrics do we use?
  • Do we prioritize the projects or not?  If so, some felt that really changed the game for the committee.
  • How do we address risk, benefit, and cost?

By forwarding a project to the ITB, we are saying that this project Is legitimate and worthy.  The ITB may or may not decide to have the project funded.

Gene mentioned that part of our venue is to tighten up the proposal for presentation to ITB.  Should we convert them to an executive summary and justification?

5. Next steps:

  • Eric will talk to the PMO about the UCPath proposal.
  • Since there is no ITB meeting scheduled for August, the projects can be presented to the ITC at our August meeting.  Each will have 30 minutes to present.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, August 21st from 2:00 - 3:30 in Cheadle 5123.