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ITC Meeting Notes 2014-05-30

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Date and Time: May 30, 2014   8:30am - 10:00am

Location: Chancellor's conference room, Cheadle 5123

Attendees: Lubo Bojilov, Doug Drury, Chuck Haines, Sam Horowitz, Elise Meyer, Lisa Sedgwick, Tim Sherwood, Martin Shumaker, Denise Stephens, and Christian Villasenor


1. Continue discussion of Connect proposal.

After much discussion, the ITC reached this conclusion by the end of the meeting:

The fundamental issue before the ITC with regards to the Connect Service is to determine an indicator of success - or a target for success- is necessary to understand what the campus should experience with respect to Connect.

  • Does ITC suggest that a goal of broad adoption and/or 80% satisfaction with the service is sufficient as the priority for Connect?  If so, it may require multiple platforms, or
  • Is the goal of the Connect Service to provide a single platform for collaboration without regard for achieving broad adoption and/or 80% satisfaction?

Which is it?

To assess whether a multiple platform solution is feasible, which may be necessary to achieve broad adoption and/or 80% satisfaction, ETS is directed to proceed with a Proof of Concept project as recommended by Connect Governance, with the following objectives:

1. The first two bullets from the Connect Governance Project proposal

  • Initiate GAFE proof-of-concept deployment, against which the Connect team can fully research the implications of a platform migration. This will confirm whether GAFE can indeed meet the production needs of the Connect service. This will also allow us to experience Google’s service stability, change notification, and QA processes, and determine whether Google Vault should be offered as part of the service
  • Migrate a selected population of Connect/Office365 accounts and ETS Exchange accounts to Connect/GAFE, which will help determine service requirements for a complete implementation. During this phase we will perform rigorous acceptance testing for email & calendar service, including a deep evaluation of integration with Microsoft Outlook and cross-calendaring with existing Microsoft Exchange services.

2. Plus the additional objectives, of assessing the feasibility of a multiple platform solution that includes both Office365 and GAFE, and to identify the requirements for success for a multiple platform solution.