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IT Infrastructure Funding Committee

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UCSB currently uses two different fees to recover some of the campus network and security costs. These are the annual RUAC fee which is allocated by IP addresses, and the monthly Data Network Surcharge applied to telephone lines. The Information Technology Board has supported changing to a new model with a single fee that replaces these existing fees and achieves the following principles:

  1. All fund sources should pay their fair share because the University depends on IT infrastructure for everything from instruction to research to services.
  2. The model should be neutral with respect to technology so that the infrastructure can evolve as new technology becomes available.
  3. The model should not discourage use of electronic communication and collaboration. 
  4. The model should not incentivize behavior to avoid local costs at the expense of university-wide costs. Current examples of such incentives include replacing telephone lines with VoIP service to avoid the monthly Data Network Surcharge, or hiding network ports to avoid the IP address charge.
  5. The model should not require time-consuming manual processing to assess the fee.
  6. The model should use a simple methodology that allows predictable costs for budget officers.
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