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iTOE information for campus IT community

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As you may have heard the campus has established several groups to look at our 'Operational Effectiveness' (OE) at UCSB.   We felt that a CSF posting would be the best way to widely communicate to the IT community some of the basic information on the IT subcommittee as well as the relevant URLs for more information.

The intent of the OE groups is not to to figure out how to reduce staff, but to be more effective with the people we do have left after years of cuts, especially in light of the increase in students, research, etc. that can be expected in the next few years.  The campus website  for this effort is at

The Information Technology sub-group (iTOE) has been looking at the various lists of IT projects that groups on campus have discussed, or proposed, in order to promote them to the wider campus leadership and community.  The group has also considered the IT planning process itself.

There are a number of IT projects in different phases on campus.

The ones which are already being addressed are:  Financial Information System, Student Information System, GauchoSpace, North Hall Data Center and Identity Management.  These projects are already being actively worked on, and thus were not considered by iTOE.

iTOE has focused on the next set which are in the planning stages.  These are Outsourcing Student Email, Collaboration Software, and Telephone/VoIP.  Collaboration grew from the need to replace Corporate Time (the software has been EOL'd by Oracle) and most of the possible calendar solutions also include other collaboration software. 

Much of the discussion for these projects occur at ITPG, and the subcommittees, and information can be found  at  Several of these projects also have pages at the campus website.

The final area that iTOE is currently considering is the campus IT governance structure.  There are several campus IT committees (e.g. ITPG, ATPG, EISPG) yet there are still problems with coordination, communication, and connection to funding processes.  The ITOE group is considering how to solve these problems to make more effective use of the IT planning processes that already do occur on campus.  Some draft information on this is available at

If you're interested in providing input or help to any of these projects, you can talk to any of the people involved, which are listed on the various webpages above.  The website also provides an area to submit comments on any (not just IT) Operational Efficiency project.  Please periodically check with both the OE and iTOE websites for updates.