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IT Training Survey Conclusions

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Following are conclusions drawn from the results of the IT Training Survey for IT Managers, circulated among UCSB IT managers in spring 2011 in an effort to to create a snapshot of the current state of, and level of investment in, IT staff training at UCSB. The survey was prepared by the IT Communications subcommittee of the IT Planning Group. Twenty-three departments responded. The oringinal survey questions are listed below.

IT Training Survey for IT Managers: Conclusions

  1. People felt there is a need for more IT staff training on campus, and there is a shortage of funding for it in all but a few departments.
  2. Funding for IT staff training is inconsistent across departments.
  3. Among the topics where a need for training is perceived, there are clearly identifiable and common areas of interest in security, network and system administration, OS and database administration, authentication, best practices, and professional/management skills. We should focus initially on those topics that have the broadest appeal coupled with greatest immediacy, and identify resources that could address those needs.
  4. People are very willing to collaborate on effective training activities. We should seek ways to coordinate cooperative training activities on campus.  We need to come up with a mechanism for doing this.
  5. People have many ideas for improving IT training on campus, from encouraging other IT groups and committees to adopt the the peer-to-peer training format developed by the Web Standards Group, to central coordination of training so that multiple campus units--or even UC campuses--can collaborate on training initiatives. We should identify one or more solutions that maximize the audiences we can reach and make most effective use of our resources. Delivering on these solutions will require an investment of time and/or money.

Survey Questions

  1. After hire, what practices does your department use to assess IT staff skills?
  2. What techniques does your department use to develop IT staff skills, or keep them up to date?
  3. Does your department cooperate with other campus units to provide or obtain training for your IT staff?
  4. If you are not already doing so, would you be willing to cooperate with other campus units to provide or obtain training for your IT staff?
  5. Does your department have any performance-based incentive or recognition programs?:
  6. Approximately how much does your department ALLOCATE for IT staff training annually per FTE?
  7. Approximately how much does your department SPEND on IT staff training annually per FTE?
  8. If centralized IT staff training were available at UCSB, what topics would you like to see addressed?
  9. What suggestions do you have for improving availability or quality of IT staff training at UCSB?
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