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ITPG Communications Meeting 2011-07-07

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Date and Time: 
July 7, 2011 - 10:30am - 12:00pm
North Hall 2206
  1. Review notes from June meeting
  2. Updates
    1. UCCSC 2011
    2. Keyboard Shortcuts
    3. Infrastructure Services 
  3. Discussion 
    1. Targeting communications with email-to-web plus RSS feeds
    2. IT Training
      1. Survey results: conclusions
      2. Collaboration with other UC campuses
      3. Vendor-provided training
      4. ITPG-organized training

Notes from the June 13, 2011 meeting were approved.

UCCSC 2011: Ann submitted our UCCSC 2011 presentation proposal on in June (see the UCCSC 2011 Sessions). Elise, Ann, and Randall will do the presentation; all committee members are urged to contribute ideas for content to the "Important Items" area of our Session Proposal page.

Elise also submitted a proposal for a panel discussion on sharing IT training among UC campuses (see the UCCSC 2011 Sessions).  Elise will moderate; Ann, and Jackie Reynolds of UCLA, are listed as panelists, and Elise is trying to identify panelists from other campuses. Ann will post a local page for collaborative development of content for the panel discussion (see Sharing IT Training among UC Campuses). Elise and Mike will work on developing an IT training survey that could be distributed among UCCSC 2011 participants.

The committee will meet again this month to further develop content for the two UCCSC presentations.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Elise is working on a second edition of Keyboard Shortcuts, a newsletter providing summary updates on campus IT projects and developments. A draft of the first edition was approved by the ITPG. Elise will send a draft of the second edition to CSF for feedback. Once finalized, the newsletter will be distributed to the CSF mailing list monthly, and to the D-List (monthly? quarterly?).

Infrastructure Services Report (Elise Meyer): Elise showed us FM's Campus Design Standards and Guidelines site as a possible repository for the approved Communications Infrastructure Wiring Standards. One drawback with having the standards posted there is the default preface displayed for most of the existing standards, which is not appropriate for the wiring standards. (A variant version was found in the Fire Suppression document.) Also, to fit in with the structure of the Design Standards site, the content of the wiring standards document would have to be broken out into two parts: Division 26 (Electrical) and Division 27 (Communications). Elise will consult on these issues with the BEG in their July 8 meeting.

Targeting Communications with Email-to-Web plus RSS Feeds

This discussion topic, proposed by Joe McLain, was postponed until the next meeting because Joe was not able to attend today's meeting.

IT Training Discussion

Survey Conclusions: The IT Training Survey Results were presented to the ITPG at their June 16 meeting. In today's meeting, the Communications Subcommittee reviewed the results and discussed conclusions to be drawn from them. Ann agreed to post a Group Page summary of the Training Survey Conclusions based on the group's discussion. Subcommittee members are encouraged to review and contribute to the conclusions page.

Collaboration with Other UC Campuses: The committee decided to defer further discussion on this topic until after the UCCSC 2011 panel presentation.

Vendor-Provided Training: Vendor-provided training represents a low-cost adjunct IT training resource. Most valuable is the best-practices training that vendors offer in support of products already licensed on campus; examples include the MathCad training organized through the campus Software Licensing office, or the Symantec training opportunity proposed to Elise recently. Less valuable as training are product presentations.

In the last couple of months there have been a variety of vendor presentations that developed out of the May IT Vendor Fair. Invitations to the Fair included language discouraging sales pitches, and the group decided that any active pursuit of vendor-provided training on campus should include similar language (we will consult with Joe McLain about that). As a fundamental step in creating an environment where vendors are likely to offer substantive training, Elise suggested we seek to formalize the IT Vendor Fair each year and work from there.  

ITPG-Organized Training: Among the training options the subcommittee is considering is local peer-to-peer training along the lines of the workshops the Web Standards Group has put together over the last five years. Training topics could be selected from those identified in the IT Training Survey. Scheduling for training offered by UCSB IT subject experts could be handled by the Drupal-based tool Jim demo'd at our last meeting.

The group also briefly discussed ways to share training remotely, via video-conferencing, Web conferencing, podcasting/iTunes U, and the like. Ann mentioned a recent proposal that Doug Drury put together, in response to a request from Ron Cortez, that the campus consider augmenting the existing ID videoconferencing capability with one additional room system.  In return, ID would waive the setup/hourly rate for use of the existing conferencing capabilities for administrative video conferences.

Ann also reported on the Cisco WebEx Web conferencing tool, whose Training Center feature includes testing functionality, the ability to do break-out sessions and hands-on labs, and has a special integration package to work with our SumTotal LMS. Apparently the Chancellor's Sustainability Committee met with Cisco representatives recently to learn more about WebEx, and discussed Cisco's WebEx campus-wide educational offering.

The discussion on IT training will be continued.

Other Business

Charter Review: At the July ITPG meeting we will ask for any suggestions for revisions/updates to our charter.

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