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ITPG Communications Meeting 2011-07-18

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Date and Time: 
July 18, 2011 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
NH 2206
  1. Review notes from July 7 meeting
  2. IT Training Survey Conclusions
  3. UCCSC 2011 presentation content for IT.UCSB.EDU
  4. UCCSC 2011 presentation content for Sharing IT Training among UC Campuses

The group reviewed the notes from the July 7 meeting.

We reviewed and made minor updates to the IT Training Survey Conclusions.  Ann will add examples to items 3 and 5 taken from the survey results [DONE]. Elise will modify the language of item 5.  The conclusions will be presented at the July 21 ITPG meeting, and shared with other UC campuses in anticiaption of our presentation on Sharing IT Training at UCCSC 2011.

The group briefly discussed preparations for the UCCSC panel discussion on Sharing IT Training among UC Campuses. Elise and Ann are the UCSB presenters.  Elise will moderate, and Ann will talk about the Web Standards Group's training model.  Jackie Reynolds from UCLA will talk about their success in contracting for campus-wide licensing for student access to courses.  

Elise and Mike worked together to develop the questions for a survey of other UC campuses.  Elise will distribute the survey; we will meet again to discuss the presentation content once she has colelcted the survey feedback.

The group also discussed content for the UCCSC presentation on  Randall will post bullet points from the discussion on our session proposal page.