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ITPG Communications Meeting 2012-02-09

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Date and Time: 
February 9, 2012 - 10:30am - 11:00am
Phelps 2536
  1. Review notes from January 12 Meeting
  2. New groups/content on
  3. trial evaluation update
  4. Training opportunities around the UC campuses
  5. UCCSC 2012
  6. Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. IT Vendor Fair
  8. Piwik centralized hosting update
  9. Revisiting scope

Attendees: Ann Dundon, Randall Ehren, Elise Meyer, Bruce Miller

New Content on

Randall set up a new group for Student Email Governance, and Alan Moses requested a new service listing for COLLABORATE Instructional Technology Services. Some new contributions to Resources have also been added. Where appropriate, Ann routinely asks people who post queries to CSF to add their findings to Resources; this is moderately successful.  

Training Opportunities around UC Campuses

Elise is still working on this project.

UCCSC 2012

Will be held at UC Berkeley's Clark Kerr Conference Center August 5-7. We may consider proposing another presentation on shared training resources.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Elise is working on the latest issue, to feature brief updates on major  IT projects like NHDC, TIF, UCPath, Gateway, the FIS and SIS, etc.  The group confirmed that the newsletter remains a valuable medium for IT communications.  It will come out quarterly instead of monthly from now on.

IT Vendor Fair

Joe McLain was not available to update the group on the 2012 IT Vendor Fair, but later confirmed by email that it's being planned for May 18, 2012. An announcement will be sent out later in February. Online Training Evaluation Update

Ann reported on levels of participation in the evalaution project to date. Of the 37 evaluators (does not include project team members) currently assigned an account, 22 had completed the pre-evaluation section of the survey, and had logged in to at least once. Eleven had not registered their accounts. Ann sent a three-week reminder to all participants, and re-sent information on how to register to the eleven who had not yet done so.  She will send another reminder to everyone on February 22 (one week left in trial).

Piwik Centralized Hosting Update

Randall reported that he has the Piwik server set up at He anticipates that costs associated with the Piwik service will be bundled into the proposed Drupal hosting service. The group suggested that it would be valuable to have the service costs broken out regardless of how it is funded, so Randall will proceed with writing up the service proposal discussed at earlier meetings.

At its February meeting, the Web Standards Group discussed provision of Tier 1 (answering end-user questions) and Tier 2 (adding campus Web sites to Piwik) support for the service. Seven people volunteered to participate, assuming they would be given the necessary training; Ann will send Randall the list. WSG will also assist in providing training for Piwik support volunteers as well as end users. Provisions for support and training should be written into the service proposal so that the WSG can review and and formally commit to providing support on an ongoing basis.

It was noted that Piwik does not track crawlers, robots, or spiders.

Revisiting the Scope of

The group briefly discussed the extent to which was fulfilling our original expectaions of the site.  Group and Project areas of the site have the heaviest usage; the IT departments listing is probably least used. The Resources section needs development and marketing. The group proposed revising the Resources home page view to move the "Most Recent" articles to the top of the page, removing the teaser from the "Highlights" listing, and displaying the original author for all items.

Committee Meeting Schedule

The group decided to begin holding ITPG Communications Subcommittee meetings every other month instead of monthly, starting with the April meeting.  There will be one meeting in Msrch to follow up on the Online Training Evaluation project.