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ITPG Communications Meeting 2012-04-12

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Date and Time: 
April 12, 2012 - 9:30am - 11:00am
Phelps 2536
  1. Review notes from February 9 and March 12 meetings
  2. updates  
  3. Training
    1. Shared training
    2. CUE
    3. evaluation
  4. UCCSC 2012, August 5-7, Berkeley 
  5. IT Expo update 

Attendees: Elise Meyer, Bruce Miller, Randall Ehren, Ann Dundon

Notes from the February 9 and March 12 meetings were approved.

Updates to

Ann upgraded seven contributed modules and the Drupal core on both the test and production servers (see Ongoing Updates for details). Core upgrades are done via the Acquia Drupal package, which includes a set of contributed modules; these modules are not upgraded until the next A-D package is issued.

Elise suggested the addition of a sentence to the rules that remind content owners of stale content: "If you are no longer maintaining this page, please notify the site administrator."

The FCKEditor module is no longer supported. We will test the WYSIWYG module with CKEditor as a substitute.

Since Drupal 7 was launched in early 2011, Drupal 6 support will probably end in early 2013. we should consider migrating to Drupal 7 by the end of 2012.


Elise is collecting references related to IT training on other UC campuses that may become part of a shared IT training resource. She also posted documents related to the training provisions in the latest draft CUE (Coalition of University Employees) agreement.

Randall reported that he took an online course from a company called Interface TT, which offers highly interactive remote live training on technical topics. He said the quality of the content as well as the delivery was excellent. Remote training costs the same as in-person training, and is equivalent to sitting in the instructor-led class, minus travel expenses to Phoenix where the company is based.

Elise has begun a draft of the evaluation report. The Training Solutions Advisor has submitted estimated costs for a campus-wide licensing agreement, as well as one limited to campus employees only. Elise and Ann will meet with George Michaels and Alx Sanchez to flesh out the proposal portion of the report. The report will then be presentted to the ad hoc training evaluation project committee for recommendations.

UCCSC 2012

Organizers at Berkeley said that conference information would be distributed to the campuses by email on April 16. The UCCSC 2012 Web site is due to be launched at the beginning of May; presentation proposal deadline is June 1. The proposed theme for this year's conference is Intercampus Collaboration.

IT Expo Update

Joe McLain reports that he expects 500-700 attendees and about 50 vendors at this point. He anticipates that the schedules and vendor lists will be available on the Expo Web site by the end of April. A new feature of the Expo will be a couple of soft skill training presentations for attendees.

Action Items

  • Ann: Test WYSIWYG module with CKEditor on development site
  • Ann: Add sentence to rules reminding owner of stale content [DONE 4-19-12]
  • Ann, Elise: Continue work on the evaluation report; meet with George and Alx
  • Randall: Fix Piwik data display issue
  • Randall, Ann: Set up training for Piwik support volunteers from WSG
  • All: Consider presentation topics for UCCSC 2012