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Requested Features:

  • Improved image handling (with access control).[v1.1]
  • Better editor-WYSIWYG API.[v1.1]
  • Presentations view (of all .ppt or a taxonomy term 'presentations').[prototype]
  • "Private content" view to signal anonymous users that groups have non-public posts.[Jim test]
  • Integration with mailing list archives (see Mailman Groups, OG Mailinglist, and MailArchive. Also see[Prodding for summaries]
  • Usability and ease of use study
  • Rules scheduling to notify users of node expiration [prototype]
  • News expiration-unpublish or filter old news? [Filter 90 days; unpublish never]
  • Subgroups, or nested groups [Not available yet]
  • Vendor List submission form [DO]
  • Change log [make page]
  • Context-sensitive create content link [prototype]

Completed Features:

  • LinkChecker (5/2010)
  • Drupal for Firebug (5/2010)
  • Backup and migrate (5/2010)
  • Searching of attachments (4/2010)
  • Proper privacy setting for attachments (4/2010)
  • Focus on username field in login screen (6/7/2010)
  • Add block displaying upcoming events for next two weeks on home page (6/16/2010)
  • Add page view of all upcoming events, linked from block above and from Calendar block (7/1/10)
  • Implement Custom Breadcrumbs to correct paths for all group content types, and resources (10/6/10)