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ITPG Meeting 2010-06-17

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Date and Time: 
June 17, 2010 - 9:00am - 11:00am
Phelps 2536

Administrative Items

  1. Minutes of 05/20/10 meeting were posted 5/28/10.

Informational Items

  1. Member Announcements
  2. CIO Report - Tom Putnam
  3. CISO Report - Karl Heins
  4. Subcommittee Reports
    1. Backbone Engineering Group (BEG)
    2. Security Working Group (SEC-WG)
    3. Web Standards and Content Working Group (WSG)
    4. ITPG Communications
    5. Identity Management Subcommittee (IdM)
    6. Calendaring Interoperability Workgroup
  5. Liaison Reports
    1. Information Technology Board (ITB) – Bruce Miller
    2. Academic Technology Planning Group (ATPG) – Alan Moses
    3. Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group (EISPG) – Deborah Scott
    4. Cyber Infrastructure
    5. UCCSC

Action Items

  1. Ratify proposed changes to the charter.

Discussion Items

  1. Candidate Statements.
  2. Develop a "short list" of IT issues in need of coordination which the ITPG or Subcommittees should address. Suggested examples where Voice over IP standardization, and Wireless networks.

ITPG Meeting Minutes 2010-06-17

Attendees: Michelle Adderley, John Ajao, Arlene Allen, Jeffrey Barteet, Polly Bustillos, Ted Cabeen, Michael Colee, Saturnino Doctor, Doug Drury, Ann Dundon, Matthew Dunham, Randall Ehren, Karl Heins, Richard Kip, Elise Meyer, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Michael Oliva, Ben Price, Tom Putnam, Glenn Schiferl, Deborah Scott, Henry Shatavsky, Chris Sneathen, Heidi Straub, Paul Weakliem, Jim Woods

Administrative Items

Minutes of 05/20/10 meeting were posted 5/28/10.

Informational Items

Member Announcements

Administrative Services IT (Doug Drury): The Financial System evaluation is still in progress.  They are talking to both Davis & UCLA, and doing a side-by-side comparison.  We need more clarification from LA about what partnering would be, and we need to talk with Davis about their partnering opportunities.  Peter Taylor, UCOP CFO, will be on campus soon.  His desire is to see cross-campus collaboration on large systems. He's interested in UCSB’s effort and there may be opportunity funding to entice partnering.  This project is still moving, and while there are no show stoppers, there are also no conclusions.

Doug posted a note (link to email message) to CSF requesting that UCSB mail administrators white list finance.ucla so that Connexxus confirmations coming from UCLA Travel don’t bounce.  The confirmation emails include ALL CAPS in the subject line, which may cause users to delete the emails.  In addition, ALL CAPS is a spam indicator for Spam Assassin, which a lot of departments use.  UCLA says this only started happening a couple of months ago.  Those who run Spam Assassin may consider white listing .edu, or the uc system, or at least .  One can also choose to have Spam Assassin look at authentication records.  Should this be a topic for best practices? Everyone should be doing what they can to make sure that mail flows.

Library (John Ajao): They will be going live on version 2.0 of their catalog on Monday.

LSIT (Alan Moses): The Faculty Institute Teaching with Technology ( ) is going on right now with 8-10 really excited faculty.  FITT is sponsored by Instructional Development, L&S, and the Library.  Tom Putnam mentioned that there is a draft report from UC's Commission on the Future at .  This report addresses what is the role of the University.   There are still people who think we could teach more students if we did distance education.  Some UCSB faculty are more interested in blending teaching with technology, e.g., recording lectures.  One issue is training vs. educating, e.g., online degrees.  Research shows that distance education requires more faculty time.

Economics (Mike Oliva):  They’ve experienced a hiccup with their Pharos Uniprint system that they use to track graduate student printing in their lab.  Paper Cut is used instead by COE and H&RS.

MRL (Jeffrey Barteet): They are virtualizing their lighter weight services.  He and Paul Weakliem are specifying a new cluster for campus, and they are looking at storage solutions that cost $0.90/gig for multi terabyte solutions.

IS&C (Arlene Allen): Their pdf printing service is full production on the mainframe, and their mainframe printer to be turned off in mid-July.

OIST (Tom Putnam):  He is monitoring a lot of projects that are up in the air: Doug’s FIS, Student Affairs’ RFP for code conversion of the SIS to the MSFT platform.  There might be money for these systems.  There’s also work on policies: the ECP gives privacy rights that interfere w/HIPAA laws.  UC is trying to change ECP to allow us to do the required monitoring.  The latest effort was a quick fix re-wording of things, and it was submitted to the chair of the Academic Senate to determine whether we can get by with these simple fixes.  The answer given was that one was okay, but the other two were seen as an end run.  There is no such thing as a quick fix.  The good news is that EVC Gene Lucas is the chair of the effort to do a major revision of the ECP.  We are represented on the working subcommittee by Karl Heins & Meta Clow.  It will be a long process.

OIST/Instructional Computing (Matthew Dunham):  He’s been on sabbatical for the last few months, but he’s back and has taken a position w/OIST to work on IDM for 70% time with the remaining 30% time managing student email from a higher level, which he’s looking to outsource.  From the UC Email Subgroup - their report went to the ITLC. It contains an assessment and security framework so each campus could evaluate the issues for themselves.  The report is not public, because it includes loose quotes from vendors that weren't to leave UC system. (NB: The report is for Internal UC use only and is available at )  There are also legal statements regarding whether the Google contract violates ECP privacy. 

UCD has students on gmail and google apps, but efforts to move Faculty & Staff to gmail ended due to concern that it violated the ECP.  The UC Office of General Counsel said there is nothing in the Google contract that violates ECP.  We are not immune to the same issues that stopped UCD.  There are economic advantages to outsourcing.  Many campuses are doing students, and some are also moving Faculty & Staff.  The Google response indicates that they scan mail for spam, but you own Intellectual Property.  ITSS is negotiating a new UC contract to include those items.  The subcommittee touched on Collaboration tools, because they can't really separate them from email.

College of Engineering (Richard Kip):  His 1.5 year split brain duty will be coming to an end soon.  They are in the final stages of recruiting a ECI manager, which should be resolved by the end of the fiscal year.

Life Sciences Computing Group (Ted Cabeen): He has left Chemistry to take over for Larry Murdock, who is retiring at the end of the month.

CIO Report - Tom Putnam – see member announcements

CISO Report - Karl Heins

He’s coming to end of the presidential requested SSN usage review. 180 people have now gone through security training.  This training has been focused on groups that have sensitive information, and we are also scanning their systems.  Andrew is working on identifying an encryption software solution, if you have a need for encryption; please let them know so potentially you can become a tester.  The enterprise risk project is looking at the mainframe migration efforts.  They need to determine that there are projects in place and properly managed for each item.  There is a Risk summit for UC, and a systemwide IT security training task force – they are trying to identify training for everyone in the system.  As we downsize, departing employees are a potential risk.  Let Karl know if you face a similar situation.

Subcommittee Reports

Backbone Engineering Group (BEG) - Glenn Schiferl

They last met on 6/16.   They discussed the preliminary draft of summary of standards, which included a 50 page document & checklist for FM project managers.  The plan is to have the consultant proceed with producing a Division 27 that would be incorporated in bid documents.  The BEG needs to better determine our plans for standard summary, such as what is target audience, and what do they want.  They also discussed producing a training/workshop by working up from the check list.  How should we present the document to campus?  What does the audience want from us?  The next meeting will be scheduled around the next deliverable from the consultant.

Security Working Group (SEC-WG)

They last met on 5/26.  Kevin covered recursive DNS queries and solutions.  Andrew gave an update on scanning issues, and encryption software.  Their next scheduled meetings are: 6/23 and ?????

Web Standards and Content Working Group (WSG) - Ann Dundon

They last met on 6/15.  They discussed Content Management Systems and a follow-up to the brown bag, which focused on Drupal for Site Builders and administration.  Their second brown bag on Drupal will be 7/13 . In August they will have a workshop to show how people w/visual impairments work w/screen readers.  Their next meeting is: 7/20.

ITPG Communications - Ann Dundon

They last met on 6/3.  We have now opened up to off-campus access.  There is a training session scheduled at on 6/24 from 10:30am - 12:00pm at Phelps Hall, Miramar Lab.  There is seating for 25, please let Ann know if you will be attending.

Identity Management Subcommittee (IdM) - Karl Heinz

Their next scheduled meetings are: 6/23 and 7/21.

Calendaring Interoperability Workgroup

They are working on the documents to make them more useable.

Liaison Reports

Information Technology Board (ITB) – Bruce Miller

They last met on 5/7 and their next scheduled meeting is 7/16.

Academic Technology Planning Group (ATPG) – Alan Moses

They last met on 3/25 and they haven’t scheduled their next meeting.

Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group (EISPG) – Deborah Scott

They last met on 4/14 and they haven’t scheduled their next meeting.

Cyber Infrastructure

They last met on 5/28 and discussed the work Arlene, Jim, Jeffrey & Paul developed on how one could operate the data center.  The VCR took it under advisement, and he's working with senior mgmt regarding an operational budget.

UCCSC is July 19 – 20th this year.  If you are going to be participating in some way, attending the live day at UCLA or wanting to attend group viewing sessions at UCSB, please complete the survey at  This year each campus is to produce a video poster for the conference.  If you are interested in either providing content or putting the video together, please indicate that in the survey.

Action Items

1. Ratify proposed changes to the charter.
The proposed changes were:

  1. Including the preparation of an Annual Report on the ITPG activities.
  2. Clarifications for, and the calendar of ITPG Vice-Chair Nomination process.

There was a suggestion to not report vote counts to the membership, but the group decided not to include that change in the proposed charter changes.  The proposal was moved and seconded and all agreed.

2. The group decided to have a party next Thursday 6/24 at 4:30 at Goleta Beach.  BYO-cake and snacks.

Discussion Items

1. Candidate Statements.

All three candidates elaborated on their statements available at .  The nominating committee wanted to thank all of those who were contacted, whether they decided to run or not.  Everyone met the qualifications, and either had proven themselves or had strong potential to be IT leaders.

2. Develop a "short list" of IT issues in need of coordination which the ITPG or Subcommittees should address. Suggested examples where Voice over IP standardization, and Wireless networks.

The following topic areas were discussed:

Outsourcing: Jamie Sonsini would be willing to coordination a group interested in outsourcing email and collaboration tools.  This was intended not to be a discussion whether they should or shouldn’t outsource, but rather what are the implementation issues with outsourcing for those who are interested in outsourcing.  OIST has interest in the local context.    One reason to have and join such a group, if one outsourced calendaring and had consistent implementations would be so that one could cross-calendar w/campus systems.  The COE is interested in examining the idea of outsourcing.  You should read UC email group report first, and if outsourcing works for you, join this group.

Anti-spam Configuration: Should the Anti-spam discussion evolve into a subcommittee?  No, it should be addressed as a best practice for email discussion. 

VOIP: Communications Services interested in looking at standardization of VoIP services.  What are people looking for in voice services?  The ITB is tracking telephone futures.  What is a service model that would be of interest to departments? Should all use same standards for individual implementations or should there be a central system?  Cost savings is the driver.  Outsourcing voice is an option.  The current telephone switch has an estimated 5 year useful life remaining.  The financial situation has changed tremendously since the last time the campus looked at telephone systems, specifically with respect to student usage.  It was suggested that we don't want to decentralize phone service like we did with email. 

Wireless: Wireless includes both 802.11bgn networks and the wireless spectrum.  With respect to 802.11 which is used by specific wireless devices, including cameras, and security systems.  There is increasing interference and a need for coordination.   Is this a service, and is there money for it?  With respect to the wireless spectrum, there are critical business functions on unlicensed spectrum, should they be moved to the licensed spectrum instead?  The bigger picture is that wireless has grown over campus in a decentralized fashion due to cost.  What is campus-wide ROI?   It was suggested that there will most likely always be groups that will want private wireless systems.

Cloud Computing: What is appropriate to and not appropriate to put in the cloud?  Who owns the data, and how does one cancel service?  Deborah can't get support from Purchasing.  Berkeley is taking the email group’s report and converting it to a tool to evaluate generic outsourcing.  What is the impact on outsourcing to the campus ISP bill?  There is a UC cloud computing task force report available at

ITB: What does ITB find is most useful from us?  They all appreciated the work that went into the New wiring standards.  Efforts that have broad consensus are helpful.  Regardless of the merit of the issue, there may not be money to address it.