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ITPG Meeting Minutes 2010-9-16

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John Ajao, Arlene Allen, Jeffrey Barteet, Kip Bates, Ted Cabeen, Ken Dean, Doug Drury, Ann Dundon, Tom Howard, Richard Kip, Tom Lawton, Elise Meyer, Steve Miley, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Tom Putnam, Joe Sabado, Andy Satomi, Glenn Schiferl, Kevin Schmidt, Deborah Scott, Jamie Sonsini, Jarrod Sprague, Heidi Straub, Paul Weakliem, Jim Woods - There is one person that I know that I'm missing - can anyone help?

Administrative Items

  1. The group approved the Minutes of 08/19/10 meeting that were posted on 9/14/10.  The DRAFT designation will now be removed. 
  2. This is Deborah Scott's last ITPG meeting.

Informational Items

CIO Report - Tom Putnam

The UC PPS effort is moving forward, however they are re-evaluating the decision to break it up the pieces, e.g., payroll, time accounting (which could be accomplished with a tool like Kronos), effort redistribution, and HR.

The UC Administrative Efficiencies Initiative is still going.  The ITLC is meeting next week and they'll discuss: 1) How to set priorities; 2) Whether something is worth doing; and 3) There are some things that we can do, but to have everyone do them has a big cost.

The UCSB Operational Efficiencies Initiative (from CCBS in December/January) is looking at ways we can be more efficient and save money.  But any changes to accomplish this need us to make an investment.  E.g., if we consolidate email, we need to invest in it, plus we need to invest to reengineer what departments have built, and ultimately this may not save money.  There is an initiative to look at IT as one area, and other areas are also being looked at.  He'll bring anything that comes up to ITPG.

The Systemwide Security Awareness Program is looking at whether we can all acquire a course on security awareness, that may be required for everyone.  The current target audience is faculty and staff at all the campuses, labs, and medical centers.  They looked at the responses/materials from an RFI last year.  The conclusion is that there is really good stuff out there for information security basics.  The next step is an RFP.

CISO Report

No report.

Subcommittee Reports

Backbone Engineering Group (BEG) - Glenn Schiferl

(Note you must be a member of the BEG to follow the links in this section.)

The BEG met on 9/9 and started to review the consultant's draft Division 27.  It was apparent that much of it came out of other efforts, rather than our standards.  We are peeling back the pieces to be reviewed by the experts in those areas.  The ITPG asked the BEG to look into wireless, but we need additional discussion about what we should be looking at.  Our next meeting will be scheduled soon.

Security Working Group (SEC-WG) – Kevin Schmidt

They have not met since our last meeting.  The current area of interest is the lack of consistency in AUPs across departments.  This has been highlighted by the recent offcampus password sharing incidents with Ultrinsic.

Web Standards and Content Working Group (WSG) - Ann Dundon

Their next meeting is 9/21, when they will be discussing their Web Guide Review Priorities for the year.

ITPG Communications - Ann Dundon

Their next meeting will be virtual.  The Campus Office of Software Licensing has had good response to their use of a Webform for SPSS license requests.  If you are interest in Webforms please contact Ann.

Identity Management Subcommittee (IdM) - Arlene Allen

They met on 8/25, and their next meeting is scheduled on 9/29.  There is currently work going on with Student Affairs to determine more details on their future SIS efforts.  One goal is the division of work and expectations.

Calendaring Interoperability Workgroup - Bruce Miller

The projects proposed last February have all been accomplished.  They identified interoperability and access, and they also included smart phones and reflecting your Oracle Calendar to Google.  They even experimented, as a curiosity, in cross-calendaring between Google and exchange (via Google accounts) - would the group be interested in seeing a demo of that?  Yes.

Liaison Reports

Information Technology Board (ITB) – Jim Woods

They have not met since our last meeting.  Their next meeting is scheduled on October 29, 2010.

Academic Technology Planning Group (ATPG) - Alan Moses

They have not met since our last meeting.  Their first meeting for the new school year is scheduled on October 4, 2010.  Their meeting scheduler used a doodle poll to get active confirmation of availability.  Alan will ask again to see if the chair/committee wants to publish anything to their site.

Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group (EISPG) – Deborah Scott

There are discussions underway on making a recommendation for the next EISPG chair.  They are considering proposing a co-chair model where one is technical and the other is functional.

Research CyberInfrastructure - Arlene Allen

They have not met since our last meeting.

Discussion Items

Brief synopsis of the corporatetime replacement group (email and calendar outsourcing) - Jamie Sonsini

Oracle Calendar (CorporateTime) will be completely unsupportable in less than 3 years.  A campus-wide calendaring solution has provided us with a lot of functionality and coordination.  We have 3,000 Oracle Calendar licenses and are using them all.  People all around the world followed our example. He is willing to organize those interested in discussing and putting together a plan of what we want to do next.  The group should come to a rationale collaborative consensus on whether to centralize, silo, outsource, insourced, or etc...  There is no pre-existing context.    The group will start with technical people, who can make sure that the proposed solution works at UCSB (e.g., the prior Calendaring/Scheduling effort had TCP/IP as a requirement.)  The first step will be adding functional people to the group.  They will be backing into email as a part of this.  We no longer think that IS&C should be providing email, especially since David Alix is retiring a year from December.  They will consider outsourcing email.  The group needs to develop the context.  IS&C may still offer campus-wide service.

The first meeting of the group will be 9/21.  Please contact him if you are interested in joining this group.  Plan for regular meetings.

North Hall Data Center Update and other data center and server rooms on campus.

The contractors have moved into North Hall (as I sit typing this they are putting up the construction fence outside the North edge of the Data Center) and are shifting things around (including racks with live equipment!).

The Davidson Library will be undergoing a renovation project beginning March 2012.  Prior to that estimated start date, their 8-10 racks of servers need to be moved from their current location.  They were planning to install new electrical capacity when they were told to stop.  An assessment was made that their racks could fit and their timeline could accommodate the North Hall Data Center estimated completion date of Summer 2011.  So by senior management level decision, their server room was removed from the renovation plans, and they were told that instead their equipment would be located in the new North Hall Data Center.

There was very lively discussion over:

- The Library's concern that there hasn't been adequate communication regarding the when, what and how much for moving their servers to North Hall.  And their additional requirement that their servers can only be moved during a break.

- The concern that other existing or planned server rooms may be canceled.  (As examples when IA moved from HRC to Phelps, rather than renovate a room for their servers, they were directed to house the servers in the NHDC.  And the new Bio Engineering Building was designed without a server room.)

- The concern that senior officers believe that the North Hall Data Center will solve all server facility problems.

- The concern that some programs require close proximity to their servers, and so if a local server room is denied the alternative will be to locate servers under grad students desks.

- How do small groups address disaster recovery?

- Cost will be a deciding factor whether people move into the NHDC.

The following responses were offered:

- The decision regarding the library was a surprise to the NHDC planning team, however once they became aware of the situation they did pass estimated timelines along to senior library staff.

- It has only been in the last week that a contractor-agreed-upon project calendar has been developed (due to the pace of the project bidding and award process).  Tomorrow (9/17) Tom and Arlene will be meeting with Telli Foster and Paul Gawronik to get a detailed schedule, and something should be posted to

- The Cyber Infrastructure group developed several cost models that included varying levels of subsidy.  VCR Witherell has started discussions with the other senior officers regarding what subsidies are available.  All indications are that it won't be free.

- The NHDC project addresses the floor space and provides utilities to the facility.  The electrical & cooling required for specific occupants will need to be built just in time based on their specifications.  Discussions need to occur to design what is needed.  There currently isn't a definition of what services will be provided in the facility.

- If one is spending resources to equip a new server room, one should expect to be questioned about whether NHDC can instead accommodate their needs.  There is no policy for this, so we should expect that it will be handled on a case by case basis.  Nobody is going to legislate against existing server rooms.

- Is NHDC just for researchers? - The utilities were designed with hotter researcher needs in mind, but the facility won't be limited to researchers.

How should ITPG bring topic to ITB?  We have one more meeting to discuss this before the next ITB meeting.

Member Announcements

(Note: there was no general call for announcements this meeting.)

OIT (Elise Meyer): Vince Sefcik the founding Director of Communications Services plans to retire at the end of this month.

OIST (Tom Putnam): The UCSB Operational Efficiencies Initiatives is looking for examples of IT initiatives that could make us more efficient, effective or save money.  If you have any examples, please let Tom know.

OIT (Kevin Schmidt): The core router upgrades are continuing at a slow pace (due to site prep scheduling).  PSB North is virtually done.  The only thing remaining in the old router box is an old wireless controller and one building switch connection. The Public Safety Building core router is probably the next one to be upgraded.

Phase 1A of a big infrastructure water & sewage project has begun.  It involves digging a 20 foot deep trench from Campbell Hall down to the lagoon.  (NB: Please see attachment below for a drawing for this project.)

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