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ITPG Meeting Notes 2011-11-17

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Attendees (22):

Masha Aksenova, Arlene Allen, Ted Cabeen, Michael Colee, Ann Dundon, Matthew Dunham, Randall Ehren, Karl Heins, Bill Koseluk, Dan Lloyd, Elise Meyer, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Mike Oliva, Ben Price, Tom Putnam, Andy Satomi, Kevin Schmidt, Heidi Straub, Colin Thompson, Paul Weakliem, Jim Woods

Administrative Items

  1. The 10/20/2011 Meeting Notes were approved with the addition of Karl's powerpoint slides.
  2. Bruce Miller is organizing our annual Holiday Party that occurs in lieu of our December meeting.  It is scheduled for Friday, December 16th at the Mosher Alumni House.  (NB: The event time was announced as 3:30 - 7:00pm.)  Bruce is looking for cake donations and coordination.

CIO Report - Tom Putnam

One OE initiative is to get us all on a single timekeeping system, and Kronos has been approved for all of us.  The plan is to leverage Housing's Kronos system.  The people using it are really happy with it.  Administrative Services has been on it for 2 years, and Student Health has been using it for 1 year.  Research for the PPS Replacement Project determined that the time that the university spends on timekeeping means that 1 person is needed to support 100 people, vs the industry average of 1 person needed to support 1,000 people.  But it is hard to realize that savings.

SIS Conversion Project: They are half way through their conversion to .net.  The cutover will occur sometime after July 4th and may involve up to 5 days of downtime. 

FIS Replacement Project: At the end of the month they should receive the reports from IBM on Oracle, and RSmart on Kuali.  Gartner previously provided a report with estimates for phasing.   The reports should include matrix assessment questionnaires, and the next step is to select a system.  Several people from UCSB went to UCOP to talk with Peter Taylor about a system wide strategic consolidation of FIS.  The controllers are working on a white paper on the subject that is due in February 2012.  We won't do anything until then. Strategic discussions have started: would it be a single instance in one place, or the same software in multiple places.  Those campuses that are anxious to move now, should proceed with their own schedule.  Will a system wide FIS include the medical centers, which have a different chart of accounts.  Do we have to do an RFP for a product or for implementation services?

Efforts are ongoing for implementing Sciquest as our purchasing gateway.

There was a recent system wide research conference including campus CIOs and VCRs.  It was preceded by a discussion of the ShaRCS clusters which are located at UCSD and UCB. Need 1.2m/year plus n $ for new nodes.  UCSB could put up some $. If no $, then shut down in March.  At the conference there were faculty invited to talk about HPC, and NSF representatives to talk about NSF futures.  Discussions covered traditional DOE projects  and plus projects in Arts, Dance and Music.  It was enlightening to learn about big strategic projects at the same time that the national agencies are reducing their $. There was one UCSB researcher from NCEAS.  Researchers expect big data coming from LHC sensors.  

CISO Report - Karl Heins

The Security Plan is finished, now we have to do the work described in the plan.  The UC Security and Privacy standard draft update is to be distributed for comments in a couple of weeks. (NB: The draft is still being worked on.)  It addresses system access, monitoring, and private vs. business information on your computer.  Is there consensus on approach?

The bad guys are still out there.  UCLA has had two breaches.  In one, an encrypted laptop with limited patient information was stolen in a residential burglary.  The other involved an on-campus compromised with SQL injection.

We hope to hire a new ISA real soon.

The PPS Project plan has been issued in 119 pages.  The Service Center part has been kicked off this week.  We are at the end of planning phase, next for the first part of year the planners become the implementers.  UCSB wants to be in the Wave 3 adoption, which starts Ocbober 2013.  After the PR/HR implementation the project will be implementing time keeping as part of phase II (Each Wave has 3 phases) and data warehouse/reporting for HR/PR as phase III.  See website.  There is a naming contest underway seeking a name for the new system and another for the name of the project due.  Entries are due 11/30. (NB: The project name chosen is UCPath.)

Subcommittee Reports

Backbone Engineering Group (BEG) - Glenn Schiferl

They have not met since June 2011.

Security Working Group (SEC-WG) – Kevin Schmidt/Karl Heins

They last met on 11/3/2011.  Todd provided trends on activity, which is not going up.  There is stuff going on in the dorms.  There was an update on the ITPSO effort to develop a paper that identified current policies and practices, and provided identification of key issues for future policy development as requested by the Security and Privacy Workgroup.  We received 25 diverse applications for the ISA position.  We interviewed 5, and 2 are having a second interview.  Finally, there was mention that a persistent, low-profile malware has been discovered, and the malware's purpose is other than conventional financial fraud.  Their next meeting is 12/1/2011. (NB: The 12/1/2011 meeting was canceled.  The next meeting is 2/2/2012.)

Web Standards and Content Working Group (WSG) - Ann Dundon

They last met on 11/1/2011 (NB: and 12/6/2011 and 1/3/2012).  They continued their review of the Web Guide.  They are also working on plans for their next Social Media and Mobile Web workshops.  Joe Sabado was asked to develop pilot group for mobile web policy and development, and he's being joined by Ian and John.   Student Affairs is working on the app.  Is there a business case for this?  There is a system wide movement and app development.  Part of the system analyzes how people are hitting it.  We should also look at existing apps that are being used from mobile devices e.g., logging into ucsb wireless requires lots of scrolling to find the login button.  It is anticipated that mobile access will over take desktop access in 2013.  Are we focusing effort in wrong problem? (NB: Their next meeting will be 2/7/2012.)

ITPG Communications - Ann Dundon

They last met on 11/10/2011 (NB: and 12/8/2011 and 1/12/2012.)  They are cooperating with the WSG on a centralized piwik service proposal.  They are also looking at IT training opportunities, specifically the trial evaluation that Arlene arranged.  There is an effort to follow on UCLA's contract.  We are looking for system wide support, but TAS has decided to not take this issue up.  So Jackie (from UCLA) is going to identify additional campuses to join together on this.  We'll have 20 accounts for a 6 week trial.  We are looking for a broad base of constituencies to test this service.  Course content mostly includes end user training on applications, but there is some for IT professionals.  They hope to grow that area, and so they are interested in our feedback.  The group will schedule an extra meeting to start planning for this evaluation, including developing the criteria for testing.   Does anyone want to be involved?  We would like to include students, faculty, IT staff, and non-IT staff.  We are also looking for people who have need to learn a particular piece of software.  The need for training persists, but our training on demand fell to budget cuts.  We would like feedback on the applicability of subjects, staff training, and do the materials match need?  Then we need to present our results in a way that gets funding. Can this be used for professional development?  (NB: Theirr next meeting will be 2/9/2012.)

Identity Management Subcommittee (IdM) - Matthew Dunham/Karl Heins

They last met on 11/2/2011. They discussed the following topics:

  • Offcampus access lookups - to combat the problem of having student's email addresses harvested, and then phished, they are now going to require both authenticated and ssl connections to access the directory from off campus.  This means that email clients will need to change addressbook lookup configuration, this information will be coming on the website.
  • They are looking to brand UC trust federation and the current choice is Passport.
  • LDAP lookup of non-active entities
  • They have finished the project to provide Student Affairs identity system with reconciled data.  They'll be building their authentication stack on that on 12/7/2011.  The technology behind it is slick, using amqp messaging queuing protocol modern standards based way to exchange data across disparate platforms, using store and forward.

Software Licensing Advisory Committee (SLAC) - Bill Koseluk

They met on 10/25/2011.  The current order system is working but there will be issues with the new purchasing gateway.  The Campus Office of Software Licensing (COSL) offereings are unique.  There have been software availablitiy issues, e.g., mathematica, and there has been the integration of COSL into L&S. COSL is the office, Software Depot is the order app.  The office provides more than that.

Liaison Reports

Information Technology Board (ITB) – Richard Kip

The last met on 10/28/2011.  Jamie gave his Calendaring Workgroup Presentation.  The next step will be the discussion today, they are looking not just for platform and funding support, but also to establish the steering committee, and get the go ahead for the proof of concept.

Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group (EISPG) – Lubo Bojilov

Academic Technology Planning Group (ATPG) - Alan Moses

They last met 10/24/2011.  They had updates on GauchoSpace, Collaborate, and Classroom Technology upgrae projects.  There was also a lot of discussion on making decisions based on research outomes, but no action items resulted from that conversation. They are looking at an ESCI project.  They plan to start a pilot to try to get participation via nag mails, starting this week.  This impacts faculty salary.  Managing paper is a problem.

Research CyberInfrastructure - Arlene Allen

Should this be removed from our standing agenda?

OE/IT Governance - Doug Drury

Jamie made his presentation to the OE Steering Committee.

Project Reports - a brief report or location where projects will be located

Financial Information System (FiS) - Doug Drury

Student Information System (SiS) - Lubo Bojilov

Collaborate - Alan Moses

North Hall Data Center (NHDC) - Arlene Allen

The project is aiming for a January commission.  They are in the process of ordering equipment for day 1 support.  Currently known initial customers are the Library, and Student Affairs.  It would be nice to have a tour. Maybe tour after ITPG 1/19/2012 meeting.

Discussion Items

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