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ITPG Meeting Notes: 2011-7-21

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Attendees (20):

Doug Drury, Ann Dundon, Randall Ehren, Richard Kip, Bill Koseluk, Dan Lloyd, Jennifer Mehl, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Steven Miley, Mike Oliva, Tom Putnam, Andy Satomi, Glenn Schiferl, Jason Simpson, Chris Sneathen, Jamie Sonsini, Troy Smith, Heidi Straub, Chas Thompson

Administrative Items:

  1. The meeting notes from the 06/16/2011 meeting were approved.
  2. Randall Ehren was elected Vice Chair

Informational Items

CIO Report (Tom Putnam):

At the last meeting we reported on the risk assessment of our financial systems being done by Gartner. Their report has already gone to the FIS steering committee and will be presented to ITB today. It showed a high risk due to current low staffing levels. The recommendation was to immediately hire five new positions to backup the existing employees. These positions include a a DB Administrator, Systems Programmer, Systems Architect, and two Application Programmers. The CIO’s office is moving ahead with hiring these positions – permanent funding still has to be worked out. The Gartner report also examined the risk associated with five different FIS alternatives:

  1. upgrading existing software/OS
  2. code conversion (similar to SIS) of the existing system from Natural/Adabase to .NET/MSSQL
  3. a hybrid model where the “core” system would be code converted and commercial software purchased for the other systems
  4. covert to Kuali at UC Davis
  5. select a commercial ERP system

Gartner recommended the 5th option, however, the steering committee will need to determine the best direction through more discussion.

In response to the loss of our Umail administrator, the office of the CIO will pick up managing Umail. Funds will be transferred from LSIT. There are plans to create a governance committee to handle possible outsourcing of Umail.

CISO Report (Karl Heins absent, Tom Putnam and Jamie Sonsini reporting)

Tom- UC has contracted a vendor to create a 30 minute online security awareness course module which will be deployed soon. The course will be targeted at end-users.

Jamie – Carl hosted a quarterly meeting of the HIPPA group.

Subcommittee Reports

Backbone Engineering Group (Glenn Schiferl)

Met on July 8th. Kevin talked about the next NGB. He discussed the plan for bringing our cable infrastructure up-to-date including the number of strands, type of fiber, and topology. There is a target of opportunity with the planned upgrade/installation of a hot water plant in/near the Library. A fiber distribution point for that section of campus could be added onto the project. Also discussed was a utilities network for cameras, alarms, etc. There are currently no models in place to fund changes in the existing topology and further discussion is needed in this area.

The upcoming PBX switchover will involve a planned outage on Aug. 27th around 7:00am. The outage should last no more than four hours. There will be additional/broad announcements regarding the outage as it approaches.

The existing wiring standards were considered too rigid by designers/architects – they wanted everything to be preference based. Design and Construction Services is adding prefatory language to standards documents stating that they are intended to be used as guidelines and, if there are any variances between the guidelines and code, these need to be brought to the project manager's attention.  BEG is now working on prefatorywording for the wiring standards document, based on the preface to the fire protection system standards.

Security Working Group (Randall Ehren)

Desktop/laptop encryption software has been delayed due to Andrew Bowers' departure. Email Todd Atkins is you are interested in setting up a test system.

Web Standards (Ann Dundon)

Last met on July 5th. The group is working to submit a budget request for training.

The first round of the EALT's website accessibility scan of seven top tier websites on campus has completed and the compiled reports sent to the website owners. UCSB did well. The departments now have time to fix issues found in the first scan before a follow-up is performed.

There were 6 people from UCSB who attended the SANS training in-person in Irvine – 7 more attended a webcast of it here. There will be another opportunity to attend this training in September when it is hosted by Berkeley.

Communications (Ann Dundon)

Met twice since last ITPG meeting. The group is prepping for the UCCSC conference at UCM in August. UCSB staff are participating in two sessions; presenting the development of the website and a panel on joint campus training opportunities.

The “Keyboard Shortcuts” newsletter is progressing. Two editions have been published. There are plans to send it to CSF for comment, and then to the DList to increase awareness on IT projects. Elise welcomes feedback.

The IT training survey conclusions are now posted on the IT website.

Identity Management (Tom Putnam)

This committee is not meeting.

Campus Calendaring Workgroup (Jamie Sonsini)

Committee has been working for 10 months now. All meeting notes/agendas are online. The product walkthroughs were completed last week. There is an inclination toward outsourcing – which has two options Google Apps or Office 365.

Next meeting is Aug. 3rd.

Liason Reports

Information Technology Board (Richard Kip)

Has not met – next meeting this afternoon (7/21).

IT Infrastructure Committee (Tom Putnam)

No longer meeting . There will be a Technology Infrastructure Fee (TIF) FAQ out in a few weeks. [ADMINISTRATIVE ITEM] This topic will be moved to the “Projects” section of future meetings under “Technology Infrastructure Fee (TIF).”

Academic Technology Planning Group (Alan Moses)

Has not met.

Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group (Tom Putnam)

Last meeting consisted of status reports on FIS, IdM, and others.

Cyber Infrastructure (Tom Putnam)

North Hall is scheduled to be completed late November or early December. The NH finance committee is working on a proposal where the basic infrastructure is funded centrally by the control points. Plan to have this finished before November with a draft in a week or two. Arlene is working on how infrastructure will be provisioned for incoming users.

Project Reports

Financial Information Systems (Tom Putnam)  - covered in CIO report
Student Information Systems (None) – no one available to report
North Hall Datacenter (Tom Putnam) – covered in Cyber Infrastructure report

Discussion Items

William Koseluk proposed reconvening the “SLAC” (Software Licensing Advisory Committee) to consider current and future directions for the Campus Office of Software Licensing (COSL). The SLAC last met in 2005 and 5 of the 14 members have now left the University. There are a number of things to discuss. The current order system needs maintenance and there is an opportunity to make (small) changes. It is also a good time to reexamine policies, services, and to answer questions. There was a motion and unanimous approval to recreate the SLAC. William will send out an invitation to ITPG/CSF.

Member Announcements

  • Bruce Miller: there will be broad campus announcements sent out for the upcoming phone switch upgrade. The downtime will be scheduled for Saturday 7am for up to 4 hours. There will be no noticeable phone feature changes.
  • Alan Moses: David McHale is planning a townhall on the powerstrip issue.
  • Ann Dundon: The Library has agreed to host UCLA’s mobile web framework. Also, it seems that a lot of people are using Piwik (an open-source self-hosted Google Analytics clone). Is there any interest in having a campus-wide Piwik server?
  • Randal Ehren: His users are happy with Piwik. He will provide a test account for anyone interested.