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ITPG Meeting Notes: 2011-8-18

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Attendees (16):
Doug Drury, Ann Dundon, Matt Dunham, Randal Ehren, Kirk Grier, Karl Heins, Mihoko Jones, Richard Kip, Dan Lloyd, Steve Miley, Bruce Miller, Ben Price, Andy Satomi, Glenn Schiferl, Troy Smith, Chas Thompson,   Jim Woods. 

Administrative Items:

  • The Meeting Notes from the 07/21/2011 meeting were not approved (tabled until next ITPG meeting)
  • Discussion on whether to make changes to the purpose and format of the Meeting Notes. Four points were made on the issue as follows:

a .The level of detail of Meeting Notes will remain the same.

b. Instead of a summary, subcommittee reports (from their website) will be referenced if requested by subcommittee chair.

c. Inline edits to correct errors, omissions, etc. will be allowed

d. Large interpretations or rewritings (unless in error) will not be allowed

Chair put forward a motion to continue current format with the four points to be included -  (Motion Passed)

  • Discussion on purpose of ITGP and its role as an information dissemination group. 

Informational Items:

CIO Report (Tom Putnam absent, Karl Heins reporting)

- Tom met with reps from UCOP to discuss proceeding with solutions 4 (Kuali) or 5 (outsourced-ERP) from the Gartner assessment of the Financial Information System replacement project.

CISO Report (Karl Heins)

Karl is on the UC-wide PPS replacement project. The contract was signed with Oracle for Oracle-On-Demand (formerly Peoplesoft) which will be a private cloud service for PPS. It is hosted from a data center located in Texas which has 200 technicians managing it. Oracle Consulting will be implementing the new system. Currently there are three campuses using the service, UCSC, UCLA, and UCSD. They are also working on developing a training schedule on the new system. Karl will send a message to Ron Cortez about the training schedule. 

- IT security audit recommended putting together IT security plan.

- Privacy group is making progress. A work group has been meeting on replacement on the ECP. The current discussion centers around how info on people will be treated. Please email Karl for more info. Per UCOP a temporary solution to the problem of monitoring an individual's use of a UC owned computing system includes the ability for managers to monitor activity under two conditions: 1. to ensure security of the system and 2. to ensure proper use of Privacy Act protected information. This interpretation was concluded by President Yudof with UC General Counsel approval. Next week the group will be looking at how this temporary fix is being implemented.

- Encryption project - The pilot for this project began on Aug 17.

Subcommittee Reports

Backbone Engineering Group (Glenn Schiferl)

Did not meet

Security Working Group (Randall Ehren)

Did not meet

Web Standards (Ann Dundon)

Last met on Aug 2. Their current report is posted on the Web Standards website.

Communications (Ann Dundon)

Have met 3 times recently. Ann, Randall, and Elise attended the UCCSC 2011 conference AT UC Merced, and gave two presentations. The PowerPoint slides from their presentation on are posted online.

Elise and Ann took part in  a panel presentation titled "Sharing IT Training among UC Campuses," along with participants from UCI, UCLA, and UCSC.. UCLA, which has a highly decentralized environment, has implemented a program to Develop Digital Citizens as part of a long-range plan called IT2020. The Digital Citizens initiative has multiple projects, including peer-to-peer training similar to that offered by the UCSB Web Standards Group.

Two initiatives developed from the panel presentation. First, Elise will work towards creating an inter-campus repository for training resources. Second she will be working with Jackie Reynolds from UCLA in seeking approval for a system-wide subscription to UCLA currently has contracted with at $3 per student with 24/7 availability to courses. They had 8000 course enrollments within the first 10 days of the start of the contract. This produced a discussion on whether existing LMS and could be used together or leverage each other. Benefits of using included the fact that with the subscription, there is no need for supervisor approval before taking courses. In addition the courses are routinely updated with the most current information, while older courses/materials are still made available. The next UCCSC will be hosted by UC Berkeley.

Campus Calendaring Workgroup (Richard Kip, Jamie Sonsini - absent )

The Group is about the same as last reported. They have completed their evaluations and are now deliberating between our top 2 picks, Google Apps and MS Office 365.

Liason Reports

Information Technology Board (Randall Ehren)

Last board meeting included dissemination of information on the new campus procurement system SciQuest. This system was selected by a subgroup meeting with support from Ron Cortez and the EVC which contributed $400K toward the project. The program includes a 1.5% return incentive, which will cover software support and annual licensing. Furthermore the project has been tied on to UCOP project. Currently six other campuses are using this cloud based system. There is no department level integration (this is intentional). Richard will contact Jody Kaufman and request that a presentation be given at a future ITPG meeting.

Academic Technology Planning Group (Alan Moses- absent)

Did not meet

Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group

Did not meet

Cyber Infrastructure

Did not meet

Project Reports

Financial Information Systems

information was covered under Karl’s CISO report

Student Information Systems

no update

North Hall Datacenter (Kirk Grier)

Current plans are for the facility to be ready by the end of this year. The original model has the facility minimally staffed  with one person at around 25% time. IS&C would be responsible for the management of the facility. Further discussion needs to take place on how the infrastructure needs to be tied into remote monitoring systems. ServerTech PDU's are a possible solution for the distribution of power. Rack placement would be 20 racks in two rows in order to achieve best placement for airflow. The Design Group has diagrams covering the power design but these were modified per FM. We are currently looking at best way to remotely monitor environmental conditions in the center. The chill water design dates from 1996. There will be a 2 megawatt switch, with 460kw of UPS power, but there needs to be more discussion on the UPS power design. The first 20 racks will be iso based earthquake protection. David McHale from PF will keep a maintenance schedule on the facility. The center will be funded through the Office of Research with the goal being to have core facility costs covered. Another goal is that research and campus admin facilities be located in the same place.  The Governance Board is working on the financials and policies. Bruce pointed out that there is no mechanism for input from the departments that would be using the space.  Matt motioned to form a subgroup for NHD under ITGP. More communication is needed on the progress of the financial and technical infrastructure of the center. Concerns were raised regarding the timing of finalizing the governance process in time for the availability of facility.


1. Richard motioned to submit comment to ITB about lack of communication on governance and finance (passed)

2. The creation of a NHD subcommittee to handle/raise tech issues was tabled pending the outcome of the first motion.

Technology Infrastructure Fee (TIF)

Bruce - consultation phase - report on website. (not sure of where this is on the website)

Identity Management

Matt reported on the challenges of the new ID Management roll-out. One major problem with the roll-out was using incorrect load testing metrics which were gathered from the previous system. Another problem was that some users did not test their systems with the new authentication system. Finally, the mailing list used to disseminate information prior to the roll-out did not include all users of the service (some users were unknown at the time).

Matt also reported on is the status of the system wide identity management system - UCtrust. There is currently on ETA however the infrastructure is in place and testing has been done.

IDM notes on website. The UCtrust system will include a silver password which will only be used to authenticate to UCtrust applications. There will be a separate local campus signon - similar to (or the same as) the UCSBnetID. (?)

One of the changes from old ID service is that previously both directory and authentication services were the same. This is now separate components on new service. LDAP being used for authentication and SQL(?) for the directory. Discussion on having LDAP for directory. A request was made for a news article on the new ID services roll-out.

Member Announcements

Richard reported on a Job posting on IT Buyer for campus.