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ITPG Meeting Notes: 2011-9-15

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Attendees (21):

Lubo Bojilov, Michael Colee, Ann Dundon, Randall Ehren, Karl Heins, Richard Kip, Bill Koseluk, Dan Lloyd, Elise Meyer, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Ben Price, Tom Putnam, Glenn Schiferl, Kevin Schmidt, Jason Simpson, Chris Sneathen, Jamie Sonsini, Heidi Straub, Paul Weakliem, Jim Woods

Guest Presentation: Tim Schmidt, MSI, on new eProcurement system

The goal of the new eProcurement System is to go from Purchase to Receiving to Invoice for low value purchases, SBs and Vendor Blankets (VBs).

Four years ago the MSI department implemented Coupa, and since then they have had 300 users and over 13,000 purchase orders.  They started to work with a few other departments with the initial idea of having them implement Coupa too, but then the focus shifted to broaden the scope and look for a campus-wide solution.  SciQuest rose to top.  SciQuest is used by other UC campuses.  It provides more functionality than Coupa.  The group looking into this included Academic Affairs staff, Student Affairs and Administrative Services made a pitch to the EVC and received support from the Senior Officers. They are working on the contract with SciQuest.  They want pilot departments to be on the system by the end of the current Fiscal Year.  When MSI moved to an eProcurement System they went from 5 staff to 2 staff and everything worked better.

SciQuest is SAS in the cloud.  UCSB will be part of a UC consortium in which one can either use an on-line catalog, or "punch out" to go directly to the vendor's web site.  It accommodates random purchases, you can order from the UCSB Bookstore, and also do a freeform request.  We can better target spend to get most incentives.  One can follow the transaction all the way through.  This will change how we do purchasing, e.g., low value numbers don't allow split orders. 

The group had some questions: 

Can one change shipment addresses? Is there support on high for looking at business processes?  The response was that the implementation team is studying issues, and they don't want to just replicate what we have.   A two-part budget has been approved - the first part includes the SciQuest software, and the second includes more purchasing staffing and IT staff to enhance catalogs.  It should pay for itself. 

What about managing contracts?  Manage ticklers?  The system will only support Low Value purchases, SBs, and Vendor Blankets initially.  We'll need to push for it to include PSAs and contracts.  The software can do it, but it's not part of Phase 1.  Is ucsd using it to manage contracts?

Questions and concerns should be sent to the project manager Jacob Godfrey who is working with both the technical and business team.  Lots of departments want to be early adopters.

Administrative Items

  1. The 07/21/11 and 8/18/2011 Meeting Notes were approved with the following modifications:  The BEG section of the 7/21 minutes will be updated to reflect that it is only the preface of the standards that is being changed.  The Administrative Items section of the 8/18 minutes will be updated to reflect that "Subcommittee reports will be referenced if posted on the website rather than summarizing, if requested by the Subcommittee chair."  Subcommittees will get a tickler to bring a formal report to the ITPG meetings.

Informational Items

CIO Report - Tom Putnam

The ITB meets later today, and ITLC meets next week at UC Santa Cruz.  The big topic for the ITLC is "How do we as UC universities and teaching hospitals use shared infrastructure for in common services?"  The timing for this discussion is pertinent, because the PPS selected solution is Oracle in the cloud, which will be run out of UCOP with UCOP's Program Managemen Office.  There are lots of committees involved with how to replace PPS.  ITLC is looking at other projects and business processes.  Who decides what and how things get pushed forward, e.g., admissions?  How are these balanced with campus priorities for resources?  How should we  share resource and coordinate projects.  ITLC is sponsoring a summit between the CIOs and the VCRs, which was last done 5 years ago.  They plan to bring in national figures and UC researchers, to try and determine what we think will happen in the future.  Computational chemists and astrophysicists can chew up computing resources, but now other areas can do that too.  The goal is to bring in both old & new faculty and those coming from different institutions to learn from their experience.  This summit will be by invitation only, and will occur on Nov 6th and 7th at the UCLA faculty center.

UC wide shared computing services - there was a pilot of 23 users that were provided access to a cluster.  It was successful, but now what?  ITLC is sponsoring the conversation with the EVCs and the VCRs.

Financial Information System:  Recall that Gartner recommended a commercial system as the first choice or Kuali as the second choice.  How do we decide?  We plan to bring Oracle in for a demo on 9/23 for the FIS Steering Committee. They will be looking at both backend finance and office finance.  Oracle has extended discounted products for UC.  Look for a CSF mailing.  Someone asked about previous Sun customers using the  Dynamic Systems VAR?  The answer: this is being handled by the Oracle coordinating group which is working with Oracle to resolve issues.

CISO Report - Karl Heins

He is continuing to develop the security plan in response to an audit.  He is also working with the UC-wide security working group to update the ECP.  Their final report is to be released March 2012.  There has been a change in the law with respect to breach reporting requirements, but our standards comply.  UCOP is looking to use an online service [for reporting breaches?].  UC-wide there have been 5 reportable HIPAA incidents.  UCSB is looking to roll out encryption for laptops.  This process is close to moving forward.  Please volunteer to become an early adopter.

PPS: The UCOP Project Manager and Oracle are working on a project plan.  A key piece is the business process.  Training begins with subject matter experts: Jo Ann Stark, Melinda Crawford, and Catherine Luinstra-Uster.  There will be blueprinting from Oracle.  UCLA, UCSD and UCSC will be first adopters.  We may aim for second wave.  There will be a joint tech kickoff session.  Mark Cianca will be going from UCSC to UCOP to work on this.  Doug Drury is our campus representitive and UCSB will be at the table.  We're still determining what products have been purchased and what will be available for a discount.  They still need to staff up at UCOP.  First steps are business process harmonization.  This project has Capability Maturity Model level of 5, however UC has had the experience of working with a vendor with a CMM level of 3 and the project failed.

Subcommittee Reports

Backbone Engineering Group (BEG) - Glenn Schiferl

The BEG has not met since our last meeting, but they are planning to meet in October.

Security Working Group (SEC-WG) – Kevin Schmidt/Karl Heins

The SEC-WG is meeting the first Thursday of the month at 10:00 in Broida 3302.  Their last meeting was on 9/1.  They discussed that the encryption solution has now been tried out in audit.  The solution includes both  laptop and file share encryption.  The UC-wide ITPSO has been tasked to fill in things to better define security issues to integrate with the proposed new privacy rules.  ITPSO is to report back by 11/1/2011.  There was the discussion of the question of how to manage delegated subdomains without exposing your name server - the answer involves a "hidden master".

Web Standards and Content Working Group (WSG) - Ann Dundon

At their 9/6 meeting they discussed that the tool used to scan top level domains will be available to the campuses for 2 years, plus there will be training for 6-7 people from each campus at either UCOP or UCSD in November.  WSG will provide a local training session following the systemwide training.  [NB: We have 10 slots available and the training at UCSD will be November 2nd and 3rd.]  There is work to document the UC mobile framework on the web.  Joe Sabado and the Library are working on getting up a site.  Randall gave a piwik demo.

Training is ramping up - the next session is with Rain Breaw in October.

ITPG Communications - Ann Dundon

We met and deferred discusions of training until next month.

Identity Management Subcommittee (IdM) - Matthew Dunham

Randall Ehren has filled Lopaka Delp's position, and he's learning about Umail.  There is a student email group that has been put together by Tom and Alan to look at student business processing and possibilities for outsourcing.  The Identity Management Service is still working through migration issues.  Some of the issues that have come up occurred because the old system didn't honor the identity policies but the new system does.  Examples are: 1) Determining the primary email address - the Authdir policy specified that the student email address had precedence over the employee email address for the same person, but Netpoint allowed people to specify the primary address on their own, and the primary email address is what is used by email client address auto-completion.  The new system honors the original rule.  [NB: This was resolved at the October 5th IdM meeting.]  2) A former student who gets hired as an employee.  Due to the students having a 13 month grace period in the directory, that employee would still have a student affiliation.  3) People who don't have UCSBNetIDs aren't in the new directory, whereas the old directory did include them.  They are working on a solution.

The next meeting of the IdM Subcommittee is October 5th.

Campus Calendaring Workgroup - Jamie Sonsini

The workgroup has been quite active via their listserv.  As of yesterday, they are contemplating the following recommendation [NB: the official recommendation was released on 10/17/2011.]:

  • Microsoft 365 be adopted at a level with some amount of collaboration tools.
  • Microsoft 365 be recognized as the standard for UCSB calendaring
  • Put centralized support structure in place at tier 2.

They need to  look at the current campus spend on Microsoft.  They acknowledge that not all will be served by this, and so some will go with Google, so there needs to be another tier 2 for Google.  They will focus on how to articulate cross calendaring between Microsoft and Google.  They have 4 more weeks of meetings to wrap this up.  Bill Koseluk volunteered to help with Microsoft data.

The UCI group has decided on Microsoft 365 at the base level, and UCB is inking a contract for coordinating Microsoft software.  There will be meetings to discuss strategies.

One of the levels of Microsoft does include Office.  There is a 50% probability that Google will be selected for students, and so there might be some coordination with a faculty tier 2  support for Google.

Liaison Reports

Information Technology Board (ITB) – Richard Kip

ITB is meeting this afternoon.

Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group (EISPG) – Lubo Bojilov

EISPG last met on 9/13.  There will be a new committee schedule beginning next month, with a specific day of month.  They also plan to review participation of functional people.  They heard FIS and SIS updates.  They discussed the FIS options Kuali and Oracle.  They have a new charge to review these two options for funding and assessing functionality.  They also discussed IdM and the OE IT governance committee.  There was more review of SIS's modernization project.  They plan to review new projects for presentation to ITB for priorization and funding - they will be looking for enterprise systems.  They also discussed recent experiences with weak recruiting pools.  This poses a significant risk for the campus.  The issues are not limited to IT, but we have all these IT projects to accomplish.

Academic Technology Planning Group (ATPG) - Alan Moses

Research CyberInfrastructure - Arlene Allen

The Research CyberInfrastructure committee is on permanent hiatus.  This agenda item should be replaced by the NHDC Steering Group, which will be meeting next week.

OE IT Governance Committee - Doug Drury/Alan Moses/Tom Putnam

They have met but there is not much to report. They need to discuss how they will communicate out.

Project Reports - a brief report or location where projects will be located

Financial Information System (FiS) - Doug Drury

As noted above, they are trying to weigh the options of Oracle Peoplesoft vs. Kuali.

Student Information System (SiS) - Lubo Bojilov

They are on schedule.

Collaborate - Alan Moses

North Hall Data Center (NHDC) - Tom Putnam/Arlene Allen

They are still aiming for a December 2011 completion.  There are revisions to plumbing and power.  They are drafting the NHDC operations book.  There will be a service description draft that will be forwarded to the Steering Committee for financing.  If you have any questions, please contact Arlene Allen.

Technology Infrastructure Fee (TIF) - Tom Putnam/Elise Meyer

Counting FTE is not simple.  We are currently analyzing whether to include Summer Salary records or not.

Discussion Items

Member Announcements

  • There is an effort to schedule the CSF End of the Year Bask in the SSMS Breezeway location.  Cake should be served.
  • The telephone switch update happened on August 27th, and there have been no trouble tickets.
  • John Wooley has been contacted by Harvard to see if anyone would participate on a SAS call for a financial donation.
  • Institutional Advancement went through an address change - it went well thanks to Kevin and Jamie's group.