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ITPG Meeting Notes 2012-01-19

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Attendees (23):

John Ajao, Masha Aksenova, Bill Doering, Doug Drury, Ann Dundon, Kirk Grier, Dana Huffman, Richard Kip, Tom Lawton, Dan Lloyd, Mark McGilvray, Elise Meyer, Steve Miley, Bruce Miller, Mike Oliva, Mihir Pendharkar, Ben Price, Tom Putnam, Fuzzy Rogers, Andy Satomi, Heidi Straub, Paul Weakliem, Jim Woods

Administrative Items

  1. The 11/17/2011 Meeting Notes were approved.

Informational Items

CIO Report - Tom Putnam

ITLC is trying to address the unhappiness that has occurred since UCOP's IT Strategic Sourcing staff have moved from being under Business to Finance, an example being that it took 16 months to do a contract with Google.  After a couple of conversations, including one with Peter Taylor, they learned that Strategic Sourcing is now operating under a different set of priorities.  They are under a lot of pressure to prove their worth by finding ways to save money.  That provides a built in disincentive to do anything new.  Now ITLC understands the problem, but there is no solution yet.  At UCSB, Sherene Strobach and Bill Koseluk are involved with TAS (Technology Acquisition Support Group), an ITLC subcommittee, which strategically tries to determine what to buy and works with UCOP's Strategic Sourcing.  Sherene is the chair-elect of TAS, and Arlene Allen is the ITLC liason to TAS.  Please contact Sherene if you have identified some software that could benefit from a larger purchase base.

UCB was successful in negotiating a campuswide software license with MSFT for Office 365 for all faculty, staff, and students.  However after having a series of disk drive and disk array failures after Thanksgiving on their existing CalMail service they selected Google as their New Email and Calendar solution

One of the items recommended by the first IT OE subcommittee was to outsource student email.  A committee is now being formed and it includes students.

The Campus Calendaring and Collaboration recommendation that we adopt Office 365 was presented to the ITB. There were concerns about funding and service implementation and so the second item was directed to  the IT OE subcommittee which will next meet tomorrow. In meantime, Jamie has put together a plan for an Office 365 pilot that IT OE will weigh in on.

CISO Report - Tom Putnam for Karl Heins

UCPath (the new name for the PPS Replacement Project): They are now in the 5 month planning stage of this project.   Subject matter experts are identifying work flow, and IT staff are identifying interfaces.  Over 160 different interfaces have been identified.  UCSB uses a much smaller number of interfaces, but they have interest in using some of the others.  UCSB has asked to be in the wave 3 adoption.  But we still have to do a lot of work right now during the planning cycle.  This will be an ongoing theme: these projects will be more work than we thought.  It is still on schedule.

UCSB's Information Security Plan is finished.  We are still trying to fill our ISA position. Another ongoing theme: filling IT positions is difficult all over.

Subcommittee Reports

Backbone Engineering Group (BEG)

They last met in June 2011.

Security Working Group (SEC-WG)

They last met on 11/3/2011.  (NB: Their next meeting is 2/2/2012.)

Web Standards and Content Working Group (WSG) - Ann Dundon

They last met on 1/3/2012.  They will be having co-chair elections at their next meeting.  Ann Dundon's term is done, and now Heidi Straub will being reporting to ITPG.  At their last meeting they discussed:

  • New AMP accessibility tool that can be used by web developers to evaluate their websites.  They are trying to be early adopters.
  • They are making progress on their 2012 training schedule.  Their two planned training sessons slated for Spring 2012 are Social Media and Mobile Web.  The final training for this fiscal year may be on Web Application Security.
  • They continue to work on best practices for Web Guide.

(NB: Their next meeting will be 2/7/2012.) 

ITPG Communications - Ann Dundon

They last met on 1/12/2012.  They met with additional members to discuss the online training evaluation project.  They have 40 trial accounts that are good for a six week evaluation.  Participants include  students, faculty, staff, and IT staff.  Evaluators are required to complete one course and do a survey.  They still have a few accounts available, and they are specifically looking for additional student and faculty evaluators.  Please contact Ann Dundon with suggested participants. (NB: Their next meeting will be 2/9/2012.)

Identity Management Subcommittee (IdM)

They last met on 11/2/2011.

Liaison Reports

Information Technology Board (ITB) – Richard Kip

They last met on 11/17/2011.  They accepted Oracle 365 as the campus calendaring standard and handed the implementation plan to IT OE.  (Their next meeting will be 1/27/2012.  NB: That meeting was canceled, their next meeting is scheduled for 2/24/2012.)

Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group (EISPG)

They last met on 9/13/2011 ?????

Academic Technology Planning Group (ATPG)

They last met on 10/24/2011.

OE IT Governance Committee - Doug Drury

They last met prior to the holiday break.  They discussed the structure of IT governance for campus.  They have developed an approach, but it needs to be finalized at their next meeting before they can distribute it.  Once it is finalized, they will submit it to the OE Steering Committee.

Project Reports - a brief report or location where projects will be located

Financial Information System (FiS) - Doug Drury

A UCSB group including Ron Cortez, Tom Putnam, and Todd Lee went to UCOP to discuss our plan for replacing the FIS with Oracle Peoplesoft in 2 phases.  The first phase would replace the backend systems (Chart of Accounts, General Ledger, Accounts Payable) to minimize the impact to campus departments.  In addition to those systems being replaced, Phase I will include the work to re-interface the remaining financial systems to the PeopleSoft components that will replace the current COA, GL, and AP tools.  The second phase would be the pieces that directly impact departments.  This project has been approved by most of the senior executive groups, including the Chancellor, now it only needs Academic Senate approval.  UCOP has agreed to finance the project. UCSB still needs to determine how to repay the resulting no-interest loan. Did we learn from SAP project, to better inform this project?  Yes, that is why we engaged two consultants to assess our approach, and we specifically presented the SAP project as an example of what we didn't want to do. They think there is a high level of possible success, but that isn't a guarantee.  (From Tom Putnam: One major difference between that project and this one, is that we are doing a standard thing done by others, for the SAP project we were doing something they hadn't done before e.g., using microsoft environment. After going through some product training on the SIS, we learned that it required a huge underlying infrastructure. )  We were hoping for, similar to the SAP experience - that there was the potential to utilize some of the UCPath components (Chart of Accounts, GL) to achieve the UCSB financial system implementation, unfortunately this isn't the case.  There is an active system wide committee of campus controllers who are looking at a single FIS for UC. Their report is due at the end of January.  We are taking a calculated risk that a UC system wide FIS solution won't undo what we're doing.  Although we will be the first UC to implement Oracle Peoplesoft's hosted cloud solution, we are looking at toolset that is well known in the system.  The entire project is estimated to take 3 years, but may occur over more than 3 calendar years. The project start could be as soon as 3-6 months from now.  The next step is to do an RFP for an implementer.  Most of the work will not be done by UCSB.  There exist a lot of implementation partners that have been successful doing this type of project.

Technology Infrastructure Fee (TIF) - Tom Putnam

The currently proposed TIF includes the same costs as the existing fees.  There is a detailed FAQ on web.  The proposed fee was announced to DLIST on 1/6/2012 and the review period ends on 1/31/2012.  The proposal and any campus comments will be submitted to the Income & Recharge Committee on 2/1/2012.  If you have any questions please contact Tom & Elise.  Is there a schedule for a rate increase?  No, but we expect that rates will need to go up because the current subsidies are set to end next fiscal year and we expect there will be additional services added to the fee.

North Hall Data Center - Kirk Grier

They have had access to the facility for the last 3 weeks to start work. All of the basic infrastructure is installed, e.g., chillers etc.  The facility is supposed to run unattended. Last week had delivery of isolation bases and 18 racks.  There is an open work order for electrical circuits.  They are working on riser standards, and forms for equipment intake.  If you are bringing equipment into the room please test our forms.  Security cameras have been installed.  They are working on preventative maintenance plans.  Robert Vasquez is senior operations staff for the facility.  They are developing documents on access to facility, operational services, and they want to put together overall service description.  EVC Lucas sent a memo to the vice chancellors which states that there will be a network connection provided by the building, cooling, electricity is paid for at the control point level.  So one's cost should be comparable, if not less than what one would pay to put something down the hall.  They are currently working on a command and control system to tell your servers about the current power status.  There will be a deadman switch.  That won't be ready on day one. There is no schedule for day one yet, but it may be closer to the end of February.  They want to provide a one-stop shop for intake.  They will be prototyping by the end of the month. Their forms distinguish between system owner and system admininistrator.  The forms are on a wiki that he'll be sharing.  There will be a "Cook's Tour" of the facility before it opens.  All gear going into room will be UPS powered.  At some point, occupancy will exceed capacity, and then they will do something like the fiber allocation process, where at the time of a request that can't be met with current fiber, all stakeholders will get together to discuss possible solutions. 

Discussion Items

Member Announcements (if time is available)

Communications Services (Bruce Miller): Rich Allard age 51, who most recently worked on the TIF allocation tool, passed away over the weekend.

ECI (Richard Kip): The extended trial of merging the Computer Science IT support into ECI is coming to a successful end.  CS will be moving all of their resources to ECI and ECI will provide all of their services.  ECE and MRL still run their own IT shop.  The other engineering departments rely on on ECI for services, although they may provide their own staff support. 

Mihir Pendharkar introduced himself as the new Graduate Student representative to ITPG.  He is an ECE graduate student.

The next ITPG meeting will be 2/16/2012 at 9:00 in Phelps 2536.