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ITPG Meeting Notes: 2012-04-19

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Attendees (24):

John Ajao, Tiye Baldwin, Ted Cabeen, Ann Dundon, Matthew Dunham, Randall Ehren, Kirk Grier, Karl Heins, Richard Kip, Dan Lloyd, Elise Meyer, Steve Miley, Bruce Miller, Alan Moses, Mihir Pendharkar, Ben Price, Tom Putnam, Mike Oliva, Andy Satomi, Chris Sneathen, Noah Spahn, Heidi Straub, Robert Vasquez, Paul Weakliem and the gentleman sitting by the windows behind Richard Kip.

Administrative Items

  1. The 3/15/2012 meeting notes were approved.

Informational Items

CIO Report - Tom Putnam

There is a lot going on, and the report is similar to last month.

CISO Report - Karl Heins

  • On the national level the Incommon group has put out draft definitions for bronze and silver assurance levels.
  • The systemwide Security & Privacy group's document should be available next month.  It results in no changes to policy or to organizations, but it does provide a framework that will be used.
  • On campus, he is working with departments to update the data inventory.  He is also looking for people to take new the new Information Security course.  A random drawing for $50 Amazon gift cards will be used as an incentive.  To take the new security course, go to the UCSB Learning Center, and search for "Information Security Tutorial for Staff".  Karl will send out information to the CSF mailing list.
  • UCPath's Wave 1 has slipped 6 months, but that shouldn't impact our participation timing for Wave 3.  Our campus is recruiting a Director - Project Management Office (PMO) and a  PMO Communications & Business Analyst for this and related projects.  Over 20 people are going back and forth to OP for these projects.

Subcommittee Reports

Backbone Engineering Group (BEG) - Glenn Schiferl

They last met in June 2011.

Security Working Group (SEC-WG) – Kevin Schmidt/Karl Heins

They last met on 11/3/2011.

Web Standards and Content Working Group (WSG) - Heidi Straub

They last met on 4/3/2012.  Susan Goodale, Programs Director for the UCSB Alumni Association, was the guest speaker.  She discussed how the Alumni Association is using social media.  They will be having a Web Application Security Workshop titled "Into the Mind of the Hacker" on 4/23 given by UCSB PhD candidate Adam Doupé.  There are still some seats open for this workshop.  This will be a hands-on workshop, and there will be lab assistants to help you.  Next month they will be having a workshop on the Mobile Wireless Framework.

ITPG Communications - Ann Dundon

The subcommittee is working on their recommendation.  They discussed UCCSC and the ITExpo at the Events Center.  They also discussed the continued use of after the IT Council (ITC) is formed.  They believe it should continue.

Members of the ITPG who have been involved in the OE goverance group said that the ITPG provides good information sharing, and they clarified that the OE governance group weren't trying to get rid of subcommittees, but rather leave it to the new ITC to instantiate existing or new groups.  But "Planning Group" should be removed from the names of the subcommittees, since they don't really do that. There will be a need for both communications and input to the ITC. There will also need to be subcommittees. Subcommittees of the ITPG could become subcommittees ITC.  There will be a separate timeline and reporting committee.  

Someone asked about elections, but no answer was given.  The conclusion was that ITPG should continue to meet.

Identity Management Subcommittee (IdM) - Matthew Dunham/Karl Heins

They last met on 4/18/2012.  The major topics they discussed were:

  • The Incommon silver and bronze process, and the migrator effort to bring people up to bronze level.  There are still 1800 UCSBnetIDs that need to migrate. So there will be yet another round of notices, and now there are DDE reports to see who hasn't done it.  Reilly Pollard has been sending supplementary notes to the DDE mailing list.  The new Student Affairs SIS may be a killer app, but it may not be able provide notification that failures are due to not migrating.  It was asked whether they could offer an iPad as a migration incentive.  SPs can point to the new which could also encourage migrations.
  • A policy to add new service providers (SP) into our identity federation. The next SP will be the Learning Management Center.
  • They are trying to minimize harvesting of email addresses from off campus.  The solution is to turn off, and to only allow access via an authenticated, and encrypted connection. This will require reconfiguration of all faculty email clients.  They will try to do this in the summer.
  • They are working on an SLA for identity services.  This resulted in a big discussion: Were there any UC policies that needed to be incorporated into the SLA?  What about expectations of service?  Their approach is to develop an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) stating here's what we're providing, and our availability targets, etc.  This discussion has just started, and will continue next meeting. Additiona questions were: How we provide support for federated service providers, e.g., lms, NIH?  And how do we draw the line for support?
  • The ITPG recommended service catalog went live a couple of days ago. It still needs input from Student Affairs and Administrative Services.

Liaison Reports

Information Technology Board (ITB) – Randall Ehren

There was light attendence, so there were just reports, no decisions.  There was discussion of the student email quandary - can students choose Google vs. Office 365. Didn't get answer.  Student email is undergoing a pilot with 126 student accounts for Office 365.  The preliminary feedback is positive.  In the first 30 days they just had web access.  They'll next get desktop and mobile clients.

Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group (EISPG)

They are meeting tomorrow.

Academic Technology Planning Group (ATPG) - Alan Moses

They last met on 4/6/2012.  The different agenda items were:

  • There were updates on the online ESCI project, and the General Assignement Classroom presentation and network project that is planned to be completed by fall quarter. 
  • The GauchoSpace report included that they are currently running Moodle 1.9 and they are postponing upgrading 2.x to summer 2013.  They will start pilots in the fall.  There was a question about whether Internet Exploer 9 incompatibilities were impacting users.  There are some problems with browser, adobe acrobat or plugin updates. Some people are moving to other browsers, or moving to the version of Firefox that doesn't update so often. They can't provide usability functions on all browsers.  There will be no more official security patches past summer 2012, but they hope that the community will resolve any issues discovered after that date.
  • Collaborate services have grown to cover all campus, so there are now different needs for feedback and advisory. The majority of their funding is from the L&S fee.
  • Pierre expects that to be the last ATPG meeting, and thus suspended the subcommittee.   The initial subcommittee produced a list of academic needs and priorities that was shelved, it nevery really evolved to information sharing to other faculty.

OE IT Governance Committee - Doug Drury via email

Their final document was delivered to the OE Steering Committee and accepted.  The Vice Chancellors are to communicate the concepts to campus.

Project Reports - a brief report or location where projects will be located

Financial Information System (FiS)

We are beginning the process to engage an Implementation Partner. The Peoplesoft product was selected, now we are looking for someone to set it up for us.  We are working with a consultant to develop the RFS (request for services) and SOW packages to be distributed to selected implementation vendors and obtain their proposals. Currently targeting work start of August. Phase I will address back-end financial processes only (GL, Chart of Accounts, Accounts Payable, Capital Asset Management)

One of Gartner's recommendations was to create a Project Management Office (PMO).  The idea is that all of Administrative Services new projects, e.g., Eprocurement, Kronos, and FIS will have a central point.  There is one for UCPath at UCOP.  The PMO will be in Administrative Services.  Positions are being recruited. One for UCPath and Kronos, and the other for FIS.

The question was asked "What is the cost recovery model for Kronos?"  The answer - Housing & Residential Services is working to recover the cost of both the staff and the license.

Technology Infrastructure Fee (TIF) - Tom Putnam

Tomorrow the TIF proposal will be presented to the Income & Recharge Committee.  We still plan to target July 1 for the official start date.

North Hall Data Center

They are working on their SLA describing what they can do and what they can afford to do.   Over the history of the data center, this initially was anecdotal, then they had some MOUs.  Now it will be formalized with contact hours.  Staffing will be Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm.  There are still a number of outstanding issues.  The operator will be in the facility next week.  It is now time for tours.  The network is there, and power is there.  We got beneficial occupancy 10 days ago.  They are now working with Facilities Management to develop an MOU for their support.  There will be regularly scheduled maintenance.  Initial tour dates/times are next Wednesday and Thursdau at 2:00pm, please RSVP to .  There is a new website location coming.  Lance Hoyer has been loaned to the NHDC.  Robert Vasquez is in charge of operations.  The WsSG has asked about the timing to move in.  Opening day has not yet been set (NB: Lap Leung with High Energy Physics brought in the first piece of equipment on 5/1/2012)  Fill out the forms if you need to come in now.  Six folks are interested, but only Lance has completed form.  There is a component of the form information that goes to Kevin.  They'll send out tour invites.  Once the gear is in, there will be no more tours.

Discussion Items

Member Announcements

OIT (Elise Meyer): A new profile is available for the VPN.  After a recent upgrade, some configurations have experienced timeout issues that will be fixed by the new profile.

OIST (Matt Dunham): Need CSF Bash location

OIST (Tom Putnam): is interested in presenting their product to campus, please let him know if you are interested.   Someone suggested they be directed to the ITExpo.  For educational customers, they donate some resources.  One needs to go through the Office of General Counsel to use it.  There are cloud restrictions for restricted data or health data.  One then needs to include special purchasing statements.  The ITLC has created a framework for cloud contracting.  The contract has to go through business services.

Biology (Ted Cabeen): Please let him know if you have experience with AWS for disaster recovery.  It was suggested that he talk with Arlene.