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Oracle Coordination Group

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The Oracle Coordination Group is a UC-wide group for purposes of documenting and organizing campus interests in the, what is now, diverse Oracle catalog of hardware and software offerings. Each campus has a representative who will be responsible for relaying campus thinking regarding Oracle products, conducting campus surveys in this subject matter, and reporting out to the campus on any activities that may occur as a result of Oracle Group deliberations. Note that this is not a purchasing or rule making group, and all recommendations and advisement regarding Oracle products continues to reside in the UC Strategic Sourcing organization responsible for the negotiation and contract activities. The Oracle Group will provide witness to UC Strategic Sourcing.

The group's mission is to provide a:

  • Forum for current and future consumers of Oracle products at UCSB.
  • Recorded history of that forum's activities.
  • UCSB information delivery point for reporting on UC-wide Oracle discussions.
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