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Former Sun Interests

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This page is a registry of those who are interested in any of the former Sun products and services. Our goal is to discover the individuals and/or organizations who continue to have a business interest in one or more of the four major categories listed below. It is the Oracle coordination group's intent to use the summary of these interests across the entire UC system in both technical and strategic sourcing discussions with Oracle.

The Oracle coordination group is a subcomittee created by ITLC for the purpose of assembling information and making it available to the ITLC and the UC IT Strategic Sourcing. The Oracle coordination group does not directly engage in any contractual negotiation.

Please add your name and organization to each of the four categories that you have or will have a vested interest within. Feel free to optionally add any descriptive text regarding your concerns. This will be used for additional campus contact, discussion, and potentially, local meetings on categories of great interest.

Sun Solaris and related Software

Name              Organization

Arlene Allen    OIST

We are currently running some of our services on Sun cpus under Solaris. Our statement of direction is that these are deprecated and will not be replaced with either of these hardware or software technologies.

Shea Lovan     LSCG
We have lots of SPARC and a few x86 VMs running Solaris 10 stacks and will likely continue to rely on ZFS for storage management over time.

John Goubeaux   GGSE
We are mostly running Solaris 10 on x86 hardware, using some ZFS storage,  though some sparc and earlier solaris versions still used as well.

David Alix ISC

The Sun systems we currently have will need OS and software support for (probably) one more year.

Mike Oliva     ECON
We only have one server running Solaris 10 and it's on the 5th year of 6 years of maintenance.  We may continue to use the server after year 6 and it would be nice to get Solaris updates if it's possible.  I most likely won't buy another Solaris machine unless Oracle makes more guarantees about it's continued support.

Aaron Martin   Earth Research Institute
We have a handful of solaris 10 boxes still running on the now aging crustal domain.  I am working on migrating data/processes/etc to other platforms.  I expect to be completely off of those systems within a year.

Matthew Dunham     LSIT/IC
Email services run in the department formerly known as IC are run on Solaris 10 x64 platform. Oracle also provides support for Veritas Netbackup, which we is a significant part of our DR/BCP plan. Our hardware support contract (below) entitles us to Solaris support on the same systems.

Sun Hardware Maintenance

Name               Organization
Shea Lovan     LSCG
Something like 80% of our server and storage gear is from Sun and it's all on contract (except that reaching EOSL) through 6/30/2013.  Some hardware was purchased in FY 2009-10 and has a much longer life expectency.

John Goubeaux  GGSE
Most of our hardware is SUN x86 running a variety of flavors of Unix/Windows. I have less of a concern about hardware problems than i do with Solaris support on the hardware.

David Alix  ISC

We currently have Sun Sparc and X86 machines under Sun maintenance, and one soon to be on third party hardware maintenance due to End of Support Life with Oracle.  We anticipate retiring all our Sun equipment by July, 2012.

Mike Oliva     ECON
We only have three Sun boxes and two are way out of maintenance.  The one still under warranty is 5 years old and probably can't be covered under hardware maintenance any more after year 6.  Like I said about Solaris, I'm not sure if I feel comfortable enough with Sun's statements about "small" servers to want to buy another one from them right now.

Aaron Martin   Earth Research Institute
Most of my hardware is already EOL.  I have a couple systems that we will just let roll off of support when it comes to renewal time.

Matthew Dunham     LSIT/IC
Email services run in the department formerly known as IC are hosted on a VMware cluster running on Sun x64 hardware we have under support through Oracle via a Dynamic Systems price lock-in through 12/2012. We're also running a Sun-rebranded tape library that's under the same support contract.

Nick Brand   NCEAS
We have six Sun servers still under maintenance, all expire in 2012. We will probably renew one of them.

Identity Management - JES and Waveset Groups

Name               Organization

Arlene Allen       OIST

Enterprise identity products currently in use by OIST are contractually protected for one more FY. We are evaluating which products might be kept and which ones will go through a migratory process to a replacement from another vendor or open source.

Shea Lovan    LSCG
We are running DSEE v 7 as the identity store for our comm suite installation.  One of the reasons we selected this software stack was IS&C's commitment to the Sun identity stack which provided additonal, on-campus expertise and (per Sun) coverage IS&C's site-wide software maintenance contract.  We would appreciate updates regarding any proposed OIST SW maintenance changes.

John Goubeaux  GGSE
We are also running DSEE 7 as a backend for most all of our identity/auth needs. We also have a Sun JES Msg Serv instance. Support for the DS and msg serv have been a large concern as Oracle has been ambiguous on what the life of these products are.

Scott Gilbert ISC
We are running DSEE v6 as the campus LDAP for UC Santa Barbara. Provisioned by payroll and student databases it provides authentication and directory services for campus applications. Included in the architecture is the Directory Proxy Server which provides added functionality and I would be interested in the future of the product.

Other that does not fit within the above

Name               Organization
Shea Lovan     LSCG
Our email/comm stack is using Comm Suite (Messaging Server, Convergence, IM server).  Since it was deployed last year on new hardware, this isn't likely going away soon.