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Announcement of the Formation of the ITB (1998)

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Date: November 9, 1998

To: The Campus Community

From: Henry T. Yang, Chancellor

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce the formation of UCSB's Information Technology Board (ITB), a new campus administrative committee formed to address the re-organization and administration of the information technologies on our campus. The ITB is the result of extensive discussions this last year by the Campus Network Committee, the Academic Senate leadership, and senior campus administrators on the opportunities and challenges that a rapidly evolving rate of information technology presents to UCSB. The ITB will be comprised of faculty, staff, students and senior campus administrators who will make recommendations to Executive Vice Chancellor Ilene Nagel and myself on the ordering of campus priorities and on strategic plans for the development of campus-wide information technology.

I am delighted to announce that Professor Robert Sugar will chair the ITB during the coming year. The membership of the committee is listed below.

I thank all of those with whom I have consulted. I also appreciate the efforts of all of the committee members who are willing to serve and to share their wisdom and time.


Henry T. Yang

Membership of 1998/1999 ITB

Robert Sugar, Chair (Professor, Physics)
Mark Aldenderfer (Professor, Anthropology)
William Ashby, Provost of College of Creative Studies
John Bruno (Professor, Computer Science)
Dorothy Chun (Professor, Germanic, Slavic and Semitic Studies)
France Córdova, Vice Chancellor for Research
Jeff Dozier Dean of Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
Jennifer Gebelein, Graduate Students Association (Geography)
Alan Liu (Professor, English)
Gene Lucas, Acting Dean of College of Engineering Joan Murdoch, Manager of Humanities and Social Sciences Computing
Sarah Pritchard, University Librarian
David Sheldon, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Ronald Tobin, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs
John Wiemann, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
Michael Young, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Jules Zimmer, Dean of Graduate School of Education
Everett Zimmerman, Acting Provost of College of Letters and Science
Associated Students TBA

Ex Officio

Peter Cappello (Professor, Computer Science; Chair of Academic Senate Committee on Computing, Information Technology and Telecommunications Policy)
Glenn Davis (Director, Information Systems & Computing, Co-Chair, Information Technology Planning Group)