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The campus Information Technology arena has a long history of collaborative and consultative efforts to address technology issues. As Information Technology became more ubiquitous through the 1980's and early 1990's, groups convened to address particular technology issues. The evolution of campus-wide data networking brought about the need for new levels of campus-wide coordination.

The Campus Network Committee was formed by Executive Vice Chancellor Donald Crawford in April 1994 as a means of obtaining campus-wide representation on networking issues. The Committee was chaired by Dr. Bob Sugar, of the Physics department, and had broad representation from all areas of the campus.

During it's existence, a number of technical groups addressed campus IT issues:

  • Backbone Engineering Group
  • Information Services Group
  • Organization and Policy Group
  • Community Access and Outreach Group
  • Electronic Mail Advisory Group (1996-97)

On October 30, 1997, the Campus Network Committee (CNC) began a discussion about the organization of campus IT Services. The CNC formed an Information Technology Subcommittee in November 1997 to continue the discussion. In February 1998, this subcommittee produced a draft report with two organizational models. The CNC discussed this report and forwarded a recommendation to EVC Crawford in March 1998.

This recommendation included the creation of two committees, an Information Technology Planning Group (ITPG) and an Information Technology Board (ITB). This recommendation also included the formation of an Office of Information Technology (OIT), and that a unified Data Network Support Group be established within the OIT. The ITPG was formed and held their first meeting on October 6, 1998. Chancellor Yang announced the formation of the ITB on November 9, 1998, and the board held its first meeting on December 8, 1998.

On March 4, 1999, the ITB started a discussion of the organization and administration of information technology. By August 1999, the ITB had reached consensus that the creation of an OIT should be recommended. The OIT responsibilities were defined by the ITB in October 1999. In November 1999 the ITB forwarded a recommendation to EVC Nagel unanimously recommending that UCSB create an Office of Information Technology (OIT).

On March 1, 2000, Chancellor Yang announced the formation of the Office of Information Technology. Professor Bob Sugar began serving as Acting Director until a Permanent Director was appointed. An ad hoc committee, the OIT Transition Team (OITTT), was formed in February 2000 to advise the Acting Director on the mission of the OIT and the services it might provide to the campus community. In April 2000 this committee produced a document describing the OIT Mission and Services.

The recruitment for the OIT Associate Director began in spring 2000. Elise Meyer was selected as Associate Director in June 2000.

The Search for a Director began in summer 2000; on December 22, 2000, Professor Mark Aldenderfer was appointed the first OIT Director, effective January 3, 2001 and left campus in May 2005.

The Office of Information Technology offices, located in North Hall 2124, were completed on February 12, 2001.

Through 2009 the Director of the OIT and the Director of IS&C co-chaired the ITPG Committee. In 2009 the Chair of the ITPG became a position elected by the ITPG body.

Since the creation of the ITB and the ITPG a number of campus committees have been created to address various issues and initiatives.

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