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Responsibilities of the OIT (1998)

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The Office of Information Technology (OIT) should identify emerging IT technologies, opportunities and problems. It should develop plans to maintain, and when necessary upgrade UCSB's IT infrastructure. It should develop plans to implement and maintain campus-wide IT services. The OIT should participate in the planning of all new buildings and building renovations to insure that IT requirements are considered at the earliest stages of these projects. It should develop plans to attract and retain technical staff.


The Director of the OIT should be the campus leader on IT matters. He/she should advise the senior officers on IT issues, and serve as a resource to Academic Senate committees with responsibilities in this area. The OIT Director should bring major IT issues before the Information Technology Board (ITB), including policy proposals, new initiatives and strategic plans. He/she should represent UCSB on system-wide and other external ITcommittees, and serve as co-chair of the Information Technology Planning Group along with the Director of IS&C.

Operational Responsibilities

The OIT should plan for and operate the campus wiring plant, the voice and video networks and the data backbone network. It should have responsibility for campus-wide networking services, such as the administration of the internet domain, domain name services, and management of the campus web-server. It should take the lead in dealing with security issues. The OIT should have overall responsibility for the campus's external connections to the Internet and the campus modem pool.


The OIT should coordinate those campus-wide services for which it does not have operational responsibility. It should work with other IT service providers to insure that all essential services have a well identified provider, and that there is not duplication of effort. When new services are being planned the OIT should work with the providers to understand their impact on the campus infrastructure and to insure that they inter-operate with other campus services. When necessary the OIT should organize committees of technical staff members to address important campus-wide IT issues. Its technical staff should play a major role in the work of these committees, and the OIT should provide staff support for them.

The OIT should review the IT plans of colleges and service providers to insure that they are coordinated and fit within campus priorities. It should report to the EVC on its findings.

The OIT should be the coordination point for campus IT policies. When necessary, it should develop policies for the consideration by the ITB. It should organize the campus's review and comments on UCOP IT policies, and should produce implementation guidelines when necessary.