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1st Meeting

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Date and Time: 
January 31, 2012 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm

- introductions & overview of the committee charge
- proposed meeting schedule
- housekeeping: nomination of chair & scribe

- overview of current student e-mail service
- future plans / outsourcing primer
- proposed outsourcing timeline
- action items: committee members need to report back with respective current & future student e-mail use-cases 

  • Matt provided an overview of u-mail, brief history and where it's managed organizationally currently.
  • Lubo nominated Joe Sabado to be chair; Joe accepted the nomination.
  • Randall elected to be scribe.
  • Joe is going to find a common time for future meetings.
  • Future electronic communication services should be discussed, but U-Mail needs to be replaced before decisions on this matter can be reached. It was noted that mulitple methods for communicating to students would be a good thing.
  • All U-Mail policies will be reviewed to determine if they need to be adjusted for the next generation service
  • A brief discussion about the future employee e-mail service took place
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