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Meeting 10/28/2013

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Date and Time: 
October 28, 2013 (All day)
SAASB HR Conference Room

M. Dunham: Rolled out "Office 365" U-Mail about 1 year ago
Finalized migration 1/23/2013
Been in a steady state ever since
Currently on Wave 14
Wave 15 upgrade pending [has completed now], described the upgrade process, date is 11/21/2013
ACTION Item: Will send announcement about update & update U-Mail website for Wave 15 changes

J. Abboud - Asked about Calendars, answer was that they are not officially supported yet, though they are enabled. 
He also asked if anything would be done to tell faculty to use Calendars
A. Moses response: Those who can, will use it - but it's a best effort and not a University mandate

L. Beck: Brought up issues surrounding the bulk mailing process - described a situation where UCI used student email data to target UCSB students for the UCI summer sessions program
Discussion ensued on this topic for a while, decided to continue with current policy and to have the Office of Student Life review process for handing out student e-mail records to other institutions

Alumni E-mail was the next issue brought up - it's much bigger than a U-Mail issue as it deals with campus Identity Management - two action items came about:
1) Can Office 365 provide alumni email service
2) Add UCSBnetID for Alumns to the Identity Management meeting agenda

Final topic was feature expansion - a demo of new services [not currently turned on for students] such as Online Office (word, excel) will be made at the next U-Mail governance meeting.