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Meeting August 10

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Date and Time: 
August 10, 2012 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm
  • Matt spoke about tacticle vs. strategic managment of U-Mail and posed the quesiton: What type of changes require governance vs. what do not?
  • Lubo mentioned that governance was not addressed in the project plan and said it was more like a status update. He said the point of governance should be thought of as "a rubber stamp of approval" rather than someone against you.
  • Alan spoke up about agreeing upon a common goal and that part of governance is to guide a successful migration, both on the technical side and the functional/social or support implications. He indicated that the project plan did not address possible failures nor functional accomplishment.
  • Matt stated that LSIT is a tactical partner and while not specifically addressed in the project plan that there was an absolute expectation that U-Mail operations would work hand in hand with LSIT to make certain their needs were being addressed.
  • Jason mentioned that he liked the proposed plan with milestones.
  • Alan noted that if the scope of the project changes then governance needs to be engaged.
  • Randall provided an overview of the migration plan.
  • A discussion ensued about communication between U-Mail operations, the governance committee and the campus itself. Many recommendations were pitched such as having U-Mail operations and the Student Support Center (Collaborate/LSIT) have "town hall" style meetings with people from around campus to better inform everyone of what is happening with U-Mail.
  • Another discussion took place around the subject of the timing of migrating students. It was recommended to initially migrate only Monday through Thursday during daytime hours and then increase the scope of time with which migrations can take place after support issues are evaluated. Matt stated the restrictions imposed by Microsoft on data transfer rates and that the 3-4 month window of time for migrating U-Mail to Office 365 would only be met if we were migrating 24/7. Everyone was okay with the tradeoff between how long it would take to migrate versus having the ability to throttle or stop the migration process entirely at specific times (weekends, holidays, finals, etc.).
  • Matt proposed splitting the project plan into two individual plans: A development plan and a migration plan; the migration plan will specifically include governance oversight. Alan seconded Matt's proposal.

Action Items:

  1. Migration Plan & Development Plan (Matt - Project Manager)
  2. Gather data transfer rate so that we can recalculate the time of completion during the course of migration (U-Mail Operations)
  3. Schedule monthly meetings to discuss migration milestones