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Meeting Feb 23 2012

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Date and Time: 
February 23, 2012 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
I. Attendance
II. Review of Last Meeting
III.Outstanding/New Items
        - Role/function of steering committees (Alan Moses)
        - Review of email discussions including project background/constraints
IV. Discussion of Pilot Project (Microsoft 365) (Matt Dunham)
V. Action Items
        - Other tasks from this meeting

Attendance: Jonathan Abboud, Leesa Beck, Matt Dunham, Randall Ehren, John Goubeaux, Mark Grosch, Richard Kip, Bill Koseluk, Alan Moses, Alx Sanchez, Andie Seeber, Jason Simpson, Joe Sabado, Harrison Weber, Bill Doering Notes:- Brief overview of last meeting- Discussion about the need to have product analysis to support our group's decision- Brief discussion about University student e-mail forwarding policies, to be addressed later- Alan explained the role of the group: - Product selection is one factor, but not the entire purpose of this group - We are the functional stakeholders in communicating with students - We need a new e-mail platform to improve communication with students - We need to understand the impacts of that change on your functional area - Student preference is an important data point for the evaluation - Need to understand mutual issues of everyone- Randall reiterated that no product selection has been made, and Matt & Joe followed up that that proper analysis must be performed in order to support our group's decisions.- The Employee solution (Office 365) is a moving target and it is difficult to ascertain specific costs as it would relate to a student e-mail implementation.- It was noted again that we are focusing only on the e-mail component of U-Mail at this time

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