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Meeting March 8, 2012

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Date and Time: 
March 8, 2012 (All day)
I. Attendance
II. Review of Last Meeting
III.Outstanding/New Items
        - Review of Office 365 (from student usage experience)
IV. Action Items

Attendance: Joe Sabado has attendance sheet.
1. We reviewed the feedback of Office 365 by AS and students who elected to participate, referred to here as:
"AS Office 365 Feedback"

  • Noted the light/accessibility version is much more like Gmail and alleviates many of the concerns by AS Office 365 Feedback
  • Aesthetically almost as bad as U-Mail; buttons looked dated, arrows look like from 1999
  • Expressed that the Office 365 web-interface is unlikely to change
  • Expressed that students don't want to use Office 365
  • The modern skin (the normal, non-ADA-accessible version) is better looking but not in functionality
  • Gmail is clean

Other Office 365 feedback

  • Right-click is not intuitive (to mac users)
  • User interface challenges and aesthetics were key complaints
  • Preview pane visual style adhered to each e-mail folder rather than being a global setting

2. We discussed how to proceed forward:

  • Matt explained that we can move forward with an Office 365 Pilot now but if we want Gmail we have to take it up with the Information Technology Board (ITB).
  • Alan asked if students want us to voice Gmail to ITB "powers that be"
  • A parallel conversation developed about calendaring, it was reminded to everyone that calendaring is off the table, we are only talking about the e-mail functionality of U-Mail being replaced.
  • Jason noted that although there is a preference towards Gmail, the bigger need is to get away from U-Mail in it's current offering
  • We noted that we need to get guidance on student opinion
  • We stated that we would pilot Office 365 in the meantime
  • The Graduate Student Association (GSA) noted that because the pilot would inform and help the employee project the GSA would be okay with it.
  • The pilot plan was to be sent to the ITB
  • Matt will inform ITB of strong student preference for Google (willing to wait two years of U-Mail), pilot Office 365 and outline potential risks of this pilot