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Meeting November 8th, 2012

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Date and Time: 
November 8, 2012 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm
  1. Discuss Phase 1 and Phase 2
  2. Approve continuing with U-Mail Migration
  3. Meet in-person or via e-mail

Matt discussed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the U-Mail Migration.
Phase 1, with a target of 100 students, ended up being 128. There were three "failures" - all related to passwords not being compliant with Office 365 standards. These three users were never notified as a preliminary check was performed.
Phase 2, with a target of 900 students, ended up being 562. Four students received notices about a non-successful migration. All four students who experienced "failed" migrations were remediated within an hour. In each case, only a single message was not transferred to the Office 365 platform, and it appeared these messages were likely SPAM. No judgment is made about the importance of individual e-mails so it's considered a "failed" migration if even a single message does not get transferred.
The point of Phase 1 & 2 was to test if the migration infrastructure could support the data transfer and if the SSC HelpDesk could support the load of Migration related help tickets.
Over the course of Phase 1 & 2 only six help tickets were filed. Four tickets were from non-migrated students with general questions about the Migration; these were remediated by answering their questions and referring them to the new U-Mail website. Two tickets were from students whom had "failed" migrations - these were remediated by following up by personally informing them that another migration attempt would be made and requesting they follow up if they had any questions.
The Migration process was modified to allow for a single message transfer failure - a modified confirmation is sent along with the subject line of the e-mail, the folder it is stored in, and instructions on how to forward the message to themselves if they need it.
The Migration infrastructure was doubled in size after Phase 2.
Matt asked the committee if we should proceed with Phase 3 of the migration - Andy approved and Jason seconded. There was overall consensus that the goals of Phase 1 and 2 were met and no new risks with proceeding ahead to Phase 3.
It was proposed to meet in person if any issues came up but otherwise the U-Mail Operations Team would keep student governance informed with updates and new statistics as we proceed with the Migration. Everyone agreed this was a good approach to take.