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Web Standards Group: Meeting Aug 2nd, 2016

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Date and Time: 
August 2, 2016 - 10:30am - 12:00pm
2110 Kerr Hall

Welcome new members (JC)

Review meeting minutes for July, 2016 

WTX Update 

GitHub Issues:

Pantheon/ Centralized hosting update

Site of the month: UC Santa Barbara Digital Asset Library class of the month: Up and Running with Slack

Amazon AWS/ Steve Miley 8/2, 1:30 Bren Hall 1424 or remote via webex

Open discussion / time permitting


UCOP: ZOOM Agreement 

SPAM Tester


New Attendee via Zoom:

Eura S.


Previous meeting minutes: Approved


No WTX update, Aaron Martin absent. Other members did attend WTX and shared that we explored native HTML drag and drop. Vagrant and ansible were also discussed.


No GitHub issues to discuss, 4 Pull requests for small changes were approved.


Pantheon updated:

5 UCSB campus admins, campus wide, negotiating pricing with Matt Hall.

Concerns about SSL cert. Pantheon wants global cert, UCSB does not want to do that.

Office of CIO pay for service.

Goal, end of year launch. UC Berkeley as model.


Site of the month: (Alex)

Collecting campus pictures

Photography more accessible

All correctly licensed. Free to staff and faculty.

Curated to have quality pictures, will be refreshed over time.

Searching based upon tags

Folder navigation

Download full hi-res, or optimized for web

Noncommercial usage


Slack was discussed. There is a UCTEch Slack channel and a UCSB Tech channel. There was talk about are these “official” and that they are “Yet Another App”, on top of CSF mail list,, etc.


Melissa mentioned some conferences and later sent them on the WSG mailing list


UCSB’s UCPath site  

New site by HR and BFS.

Migrated content from ETS site and gve it an Admin Services branding.


Zoom agreement in place by UCOP.

Question: Is all accounts pro or basic.

Does UCOP agreement give pro accounts, as UCSB had a previous agreement.


Spam tester website

To review if your messages are spammy.

Can test email in build system.

Free if you use for only a few messages


Other sites, which were recently updated were shown off